All Paths Lead to the…



Thar she be!!!

I can now scratch off Numero Once…that’s 11 in Español… off my “I Want” list. Altho some of that list has been amazingly enough, scratched off already.   For instance…

The iPad was purchased not too long after I made the original list. My laptop died an agonizing death…just kicked the bucket and left no survivors. So, an iPad it was. Now, I just can’t live without it.  OK, I probably could but wow would it be tough.  Like the other day I headed out west…60 miles of it…and forgot my iPad. *gasp* But it was ok because I had  my phone and it’s android and is not quite as convenient but man am I getting spoiled to all these bells and whistles.

One bad thing about the iPad tho…you go on Facebook and you MUST remember to check birthdays as there is no list on the upper right hand side like there is on my computer.  Which I hardly use anymore.  Sad. But true. The only time I use it is when I’m hunting down kinfolks on Ancestry OR posting on my blog.  The “real” computer is way better for those things.

I was going to announce something?  hmmm…oh yeah.  I GOT A PLAYHOUSE!!!!


This was backyard Sunday night…BB and I got the base framed and squared. Then he filled it with sand.

I may…or may not…be going through my second childhood.  But Big Boss finally caved and got us kids the cutest playhouse you ever saw!


Here comes the playhouse! The trucker took it through my garden..nothing planted there for a multitude of reasons…and then thru the wooden fence that BB had just repaired and had to take down. Again.

He was going to surprise me with it for my birthday but couldn’t figure out how to get rid of me for a day or so right away.  Bless his heart…


This little rig called a “Mule” held and moved the whole house from the truck to the backyard. BB is checking it out.

I’ve wanted a playhouse since age 7.  That’s when Patti got her playhouse.  She lived across the street and I pined for a playhouse immediately.  She was way too young to appreciate a playhouse and I was the perfect age for one. In my 6 year old mind.  It had little benches built into the sides and was painted white and pink and had little scalloped trim on the eaves.  It was glorious.

I mothered three boys so playhouses were out..forts in.  Actually I tried to talk Big Boss into a treehouse..sort of a blend of playhouse and fort.  I thought.  But trees were few and far between, although BB and our oldest son cobbled together sort of a lookout for our youngest son. It was actually and old windmill platform and it worked pretty good. Until the wind took it down.

But now…well let’s just say that 6 grands had already checked it within 2 hours of its arrival and can’t wait to start fixing up the inside.  That will be a group project re: boys can paint, the girls can help me decide on curtains.  I’m thinking the curtains may be the older girl’s first sewing project?! And then there is the landscaping…oh, this is just too much fun.

I can’t believe it.  I. Have. A. Playhouse. #secondchildhoodinsight


Can’t quit looking at it. Oh and BB added the stepping stone/threshold stone an hour ago! It came from the little house that used to sit in the middle of the feedlot. It was the house that he lived in the first year of his life and at that time was 60-70 years old then as its original owner, Mrs. Perry, built it sometime after she homesteaded the place. BB’s grandfather bought the place from her in the ’40s.

Did you have a playhouse when you were a kid…besides the box that your Mom’s new washer came in?

Got decorating ideas or neat fix-ups for my new pad? I’m already cruising Pinterest but would love to pick your brains too!!

Did I mention that this is way fun?!!!!!

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11 Responses to All Paths Lead to the…

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Well, you know that I had no playhouse either! And I don ‘t recall wanting one as badly as you! Ha! But this one is a cutie! Who made it? My wish list now is a charming garden/tool shed!


    • The Queen says:

      A company about 100 miles away built this little beauty. They build sheds and cabins too. Which is how we found them. The guys were thinking about getting one of their cabins for deer hunting. I went with BB to check them out and the rest is history.


      • Fancy Nancy says:

        Wish they were closer to build a shed for me! Enjoy your new little abode! And do let the grands in, too! 😉


  2. Connie says:

    Too adorable! I always wanted one too. Thanks to Patti we all got to play in her playhouse! I used our porch on the end of the house cause the hydrant was at the corner of it and that’s where I made the most amazing mud pies! Those were the days!


    • The Queen says:

      I loved going to Patti’s playhouse! And I loved playing on your humongous porch! Remember when we put our baby dolls on boards and wrapped string around them…papoose style?!


  3. bitsy says:

    I always wanted one! my mom got the kids a little tykes log cabin that they loved for years. but me, the tree fort and play house of the girl across the street were the only ones I saw.


  4. The Queen says:

    We get stuff stuck in our heads like that don’t we? I can still remember the treehouse that some friends had when I was little. It. Was. So. Cool!!!! 😀


  5. grammyjj says:

    SO jealous!! I love your playhouse!!!


  6. Kitty says:

    I, too, always dreamed of a playhouse. Alas, the only little building we frequented was the outhouse. :/ We had pretend playhouses, though. We would make “rooms” w/ sticks laid out in blocks. Our “refrigerator” was a wooden bushel peach box. Our “chairs” were old champer pots that had a hole in them and our telephone was the inside car door handle. What we didn’t have, we made up for in imagination. I’m so proud for you & your little royals – y’all are going to have sooo much fun!


    • The Queen says:

      My aunt and I made a playhouse out of an oak tree! It had a huge limb that almost reached the ground, so where the branches forked, the space in between the limbs made a room. We literally spent hours out there…when we weren’t playing Circus! Love the door handle/phone idea!!!! Two more grands came over this AM to check it out. I had to go to the city for supplies so we couldn’t play right then…but watch out Wed. AM!!!


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