Cakes and other stuff

OK, so besides chasing around after combines and tractors…and grands…cakes have been a priority.

SO here are the latest creations, in case you care.

The first one was ordered by a friend who wanted me to do a cake on fairly short notice.  I told her I could minus any fondant figures…specifically, a mermaid. So I went to work with several techniques in mind, foremost an ombre effect with waves of some sort. This is what I ended up with.  The pic is minus the mermaid tho…DIL delivered it for me with mermaid to be inserted on site.  But our friend got into a time squeeze so the mermaid idea was tossed.  Luckily, I made 2 “4” s for the cake so a “4” became the topper!  Hey, we are flexible if nothing else around here!!!  🙂


Mermaid cake sans mermaid.


Next up was a grandson’s birthday.  All he requested was a horse on it.  The first thing I thought of was this:


Is this cool or what?!! Photo courtesy of Cakes by Lisa.

And then after talking to the horse mold creator, decided not. I opted for this:



While working on the above, I threw together a large German Chocolate cake for another friend’s anniversary crowd/family and a secret cake that her kids had ordered.  It was a little fancier:

I stenciled the design on the sides with royal icing and made the birds and lilies out of gumpaste.

I stenciled the design on the sides with royal icing and made the birds and lilies out of gumpaste.

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15 Responses to Cakes and other stuff

  1. grammyjj says:

    I like them all – but I LOVE Conner’s! I’m sure you figured out that it would be my favorite though, since I’m SO mature 🙂
    You never cease to amaze me Ethel!!


  2. radhika25 says:

    Love your waves….but if I were to try them here in hot and humid Singapore, they would droop listlessly. My breath caught when I saw the two horse heads – they’re beautiful! And then I went Awwwwwww, when I saw your adorable cutie. These deserved 3 unique posts- with tutorials!


  3. Dianne says:

    The stenciling is so elegant. I like that one.


  4. prue batten says:

    Wonderful and that last one: so romantic!


  5. Fancy Nancy says:

    They are all so artfully done! I love them! Once again, wish you lived nearby. 😦


  6. timelesslady says:

    Wow! I stumbled on this site accidentally and stayed to admire the cakes. I love the ocean cake! Beautiful waves and colors.


  7. Sandy Rusher says:

    Do you have an impression matt for the tooled leather design? I have looked everywhere and cannot find one. After reading the comments below, are the horse heads a mold?


    • The Queen says:

      The lady who made mine no longer makes the mold BUT…funny you should ask as your timing is perfect…another reader wanted it also and found a similar one at Etsy. Do a search on: Tooled Leather textured stamp by Lisa Pavelka. The horse heads are a mold..a very expensive one made by Cakes by Lisa. If you search that name, you’ll find her FB page and website. She’s out of Florida and is very helpful!


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