Back to the Polka


The Polka Dot birthday cake sitting atop Big Boss’s masterpiece! Yes, those are rocks in the middle of the cake plate…chocolate candy rocks!


I mentioned last week that this new obsession with polka dots was thanks to Pinterest.  It was the old “I wonder if I could do that?” thought process that you go through when you see something new. Like when I first discovered paper piecing quilting…or stenciling a fresh, clean wall…or stenciling a fresh, clean cake.

Granted there are some things I’ll just admire and leave that particular creating process to someone else…like glass blowing.  Or maybe laying rock for a fireplace. Or taking photos INSIDE ocean waves.

But now…polka  dots are within my aging grasp. In cakes no less. And maybe even cupcakes and…

There are 2 choices out there…

The waffle style cake ball pan…fast, about $20, nice small balls, but…the balls are good and round.

The cake ball pan…cheaper, larger and darn near perfect balls, about $15, but…they require a longer baking time in the oven (big issue here in 100+ temps right now)

Here’s how I started: The Inspiration

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Then the hunt for the pans:


Then mixing up and coloring the batter: I used a sturdier cake recipe that is based on a cake mix but adds lots of other stuff.  If you’d like the recipe, contact me.  Divide the cake batter in half then divide on half up into however many colors you’re going for.

Don’t use the whole egg in the white cake mix, only white.  That will keep your batter a nice, white w/no yellowness, which will give you nice bright colors. Next time I won’t use plain green…lime green bakes up nicer.  Use about 1/2 teaspoon food coloring.


Then the filling up of the cake ball pan that has been sprayed with Bake Easy or whatever.  Fill each cup in the bottom pan full using one teaspoon to fill with and one teaspoon to scoop the batter out. Pop the greased top pan over the bottom cups, lock and bake for 8 minutes at 325º.


Then the baking of the cake balls: Any extra batter is going to push out of those little top holes. Trim off the extra cake and when you remove the balls from the pan, you will have nice round cake balls.


Then trimming off of the extra batter:


Then the placing of balls into the greased and papered cake pan. Pour a thin layer of white cake batter on the bottom of the pan then place the cake balls on top of that batter.  THEN pour batter on top of the cake balls. It will be bumpy with the cake balls so don’t try to even out the batter.  All I did extra was to gently push the batter in between the cake balls and on the sides a bit.

Ready for the oven.

Ready for the oven.

Then the frantic “I can’t wait another minute to see if this works!!” cutting into of baked cakes. Yes, I let them cool first.  It was hard, but I managed some self-control for 30 long minutes. After I saw VICTORY, I replaced the cut piece of cake and no one knew the difference!!


Note: next time, I’ll use both pans so I get 2 sizes of cake balls and I won’t line them up perfectly in the pan…this is one time that uniformity is out the window.  Those dots need to be random.  Also, I ran out of white cake mixes and had to use vanilla for the cake pan batter. It looked a little yellow?

And, since the birthday boy had requested fresh orange cake, the required orange juice added to the yellowness but man, was it good!  The appeal (for me) of the fresh orange cake is the filling…to die for.  Also yellow.  A nice white cake with white filling would’ve been more eye-appealing but man, was it good!!  Yep, I love fresh orange anything!!

One way to get around the yellowing of the batter is to use orange flavoring to the required water amount for the cake batter.  Or lemon. Or coconut or pineapple or lime…ooooo, LIME!!!?

And yes, I put orange flavoring into the cake ball batter.  Gotta be consistent!?

Another NOTE:  I was using 10″ cake pans, my size of choice for most birthday cakes. It took 1 white cake mix for the ball, and 2 cake mixes for the cake pans.  Most of the polka dot cakes I’ve seen online have been 3 layers of 8″ cakes. I would think that one cake mix would work for the 8″ cakes.

There a lots of polka dot cake recipes and procedures on the internet, so you may want to check out some of them. I went through about 10 of them, used an idea from each one and this is the result!!  Happy polka-ing!!!  🙂

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3 Responses to Back to the Polka

  1. radhika25 says:

    Your cake looks lovely. And the orange filling to die for! Was it orange curd? Do share the recipe. R


    • The Queen says:

      I’ll be glad to share the recipe. And thanks. I hesitated to post my trial cake so I hope to do a 3 layer with white buttercream filling, change the colors some…perhaps my O/C tendency is showing?? 🙂


  2. Bridget says:

    Can’t wait to trt


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