Super Moon Night


Sunset on the prairie

Moonrise over Pawnee Valley.

Moonrise over Pawnee Valley.

When I snapped these pics, I didn’t realize that it is another supermoon night…and evidently, the last one of the year.  One of our grandsons and I were headed to the pickup when we saw the gorgeous clouds…that dumped rain east of us! An hour or so later, I was out changing the water on the grass and the moon was just coming up from behind our hills.

I thought it fitting that such a gorgeous moon made a grand entrance tonight as a dear, old friend in Texas made a grand entrance into Heaven today!  He was loveable, a ton of fun, a mentor to Big Boss and an eternal harasser of mine who dearly loved to tease me…and  anyone else who crossed his path!  He will be missed but Heaven gained a practical joker and a lover of the Lord.  Hang on Heaven!!!  🙂

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4 Responses to Super Moon Night

  1. Melinda Strickland says:

    You characterized KR well! We could all tell so many funny and endearing stories about him and RL days. “Hang on, heaven!” is a wonderful and fitting tribute.


    • The Queen says:

      A while back, folks here started a thread of the “-isms” of our hometown coach. I think there could be an entire book for Rasco!! I’ll miss his Sunday morning calls..he always disguised his voice trying to make me think he was a car salesman or an irate parent!! Took me a second or 2 before I bursted him, but he always laughed!


  2. Rita says:

    Beautiful and appropriate. I love the moonlight. God bless you and your friend’s family with peace.


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