Would you believe more pig cakes?

and the phenomenon goes on.  Remember?  The Pigs in the Mud cake  last February?  The one that went viral?

Yep.  I’m still getting boocoos (yes, that’s a word.  I know this because my dad used to say it!) of hits on the Pigs in a Row post.  I know. I know.  Weird.  There must be a reason?  I still get an average of 100 hits a day on that post alone.  And some days, it will go up to 200.

And I just found a new version from follower of my blog in my inbox today.  It seems everyone wants to try their hand at this famous little piggy confection!?

So I give you Sarina’s Pigs in the Mud cake.  She made it for her hubby’s birthday…Pretty cute!!!



And why not grandson’s interpretation a la candy?

Grandson's interpretation a al candy!

Grandson’s interpretation a al candy!

Then there’s one of my regular readers and commenters take:

Photo courtesy of Radhika.

Photo courtesy of Radhika.



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4 Responses to Would you believe more pig cakes?

  1. radhika25 says:

    Check out my pigs in the mud cake on my FB page, Sinsations by Radhika.


  2. radhika25 says:

    Thank you sweetie, for featuring my take on it.


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