Ever hear of K-State?

I hadn’t.  Until about 30 years ago.  The first mention was probably from my sister-in-law who had attended Kansas State University a year or so.

Fast forward around ten years…I am now THE cheerleader coach/sponsor for our hometown high school.  Cheerleading camp is to be held on the KSU campus.

Since this was my first cheer camp, I was pumped up.  OK, so herding 6 female high-schoolers for a week in unknown territory probably isn’t the ideal get away destination.  Also, it was in the middle of a very hot Kansas summer…and the humidity in East Kansas is comparable to the humidity in Central Texas.  Ugh!

But I feel in love with the campus!!  It reminded me of the college that Big Boss and I attended many years ago…stone buildings covered with ivy…huge, old trees towering above beautiful green lawns…winding walking paths in between buildings. And the students and staff were very friendly!

Two years later, our oldest son decided to go to K-State.  Ten minutes after he arrived on campus, he was bleeding purple.  And big time too!!

Then our youngest son headed for Wildcat Heaven, fully intending to become a Bleeder of Purple too.  He did and does. And multiplied the carnage by marrying a K-State grad!  Yay!

We are surrounded.

So…when grandson #4 was deciding on his birthday cake, guess what theme he went with.

Yep. Purple.

Kansas State University.

Which was OK.  Then he took a hard right turn and pointed to the Bill Snyder Family Stadium aka KSU Football stadium.  Which is under renovation.

I had to decide whether to stick to the “old” stadium or fantasize about the “vision” of the future stadium.  Since the renovation isn’t finished, I went with the old stadium, figuring sooner or later, the new improved version will be the chosen theme for a birthday cake?

Because the birthday party planner (mom of the birthday boy) had a hard time finding a time when all of the cousins could attend a party, I ended up with one day to pull the cake together. Thankfully, the cake was baked and in the freezer awaiting purple stuff.

Part of the time constraint was due to trips for funerals, rescheduled hair appointments, all sorts of bumps in the road. Well, I pulled it off. But just barely.  And I didn’t do a lot of detail work that I could’ve done.  But you know what?

The birthday boy didn’t care.  At all.  It was a stadium.  It was purple.  It had a Powercat on it.  Good enough!!


As I sped thru the process, I kept thinking, “The next time I do a stadium cake, I need to remember…..”  or “Well, that didn’t work.  Won’t do that again.” or “Wonder if I tried ….”.

Always a learning experience.

And literally, ten minutes before Big Boss and I loaded the cake into the pickup…I was piping the “10” and “Happy Birthday” onto the not quite dry gum paste supertron…no wait…jumbotron thingys that are really scoreboards.  I think. And the tip I was using kept stopping up and going wonky on me.  Great.  The writing looks like I was drinking while piping.  Argh!

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13 Responses to Ever hear of K-State?

  1. Rita says:

    We bleed purple in this family, too. Both sons, and their wives, and my husband’s second degree is from KSU. We love the cake of the Bill Snyder Family Stadium! Going out in the Fall and hope it is finished. Our oldest graduated from the Vet. School as well. They were there long enough to have a child there as well.


    • The Queen says:

      Wow, a K-State family!!! I can’t wait to see the new, improved stadium. We don’t go to all of the home games..do good to make one but it is so much fun. Hey! Maybe we’ll run into you? I’ll be the one wearing purple….


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    That’s a really cute cake! Don’t usually show all yiour cakes to Hubs, but did this time, and he was impressed! 🙂


  3. Dianne says:

    Tommy says Sweet!


  4. Rachael Herring says:

    Or, change to TCU would work with the purple.


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