August! Wherefore art thou?????

Not only is August whizzing by me a breakneck speed, but when I step outside, I’d swear it was October!!

We have rain!!! We have had cold fronts!!  The grass is green! In August?  Yep.  And I’ve been around long enough (which is depressing) that I remember an August when Big Boss’s mom, our boys and I spent the weeks putting out pellets for cattle who had NOTHING to eat.  I mean nothing.  No grass because there had been no rain.  And there wasn’t room for them at the feedlot. So she drove while the boys and I dumped pellets from the back of the pickup.

But not this August.  Praise the Lord!!

All of this rain has delayed silage harvest a bit and has also meant more time on the mower.  Thank goodness for willing yard workers aka grandsons!

“Meemaw, do you have something I could do?”  SERIOUSLY?!  You have got to be kidding!!!!!!!  You are most certainly an alien who could not possibly be the offspring of dearest Son #2.  No way.

And so, the mowing gets done quickly, efficiently and most importantly, WILLINGLY!!!

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen…

I’m frantically working on cakes.  Our youngest granddaughter will be 1 next weekend and a mermaid cake has been chosen.

That means research…

Photo courtesy of Cake Avenue in Australia.

Photo courtesy of Cake Avenue in Australia.

So…I’ve sketched.


And molded.




And baked.


And trimmed.

Cake scraps Anyone??!!!

Cake scraps Anyone??!!!

And sculpted…

This gal is headed to Mermaid Beauty Shop for a makeover!

This gal is headed to Mermaid Beauty Shop for a makeover! Yes, that’s cotton in her lap. It’s holding her hands up until they dry.


Say hello to Tina Turtle and Colin Fish!

Next up are yellow roses.

Then cookies for starving silage workers and hungry grands.

And supplies for harvest.

What am I doing HERE for Pete’s Sake?!!!  Later gater.


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8 Responses to August! Wherefore art thou?????

  1. Sure would love to have some of your rain and cool temperatures. We have been at or near (on both sides) of 100 degrees since June.


  2. Pete says:

    It’s almost cool enough to turn the stove on and the weather for Livengood is overnight Wednesday 30-40 so fall indeed is on the way. Oh and yes I would not mind a care package of your delicious looking cake scraps, in fact i think i will head down from my loft and pretend my cookies are some of your wonderful cake.


    • The Queen says:

      August sneaked in the last 2 days..99 today! And man, is it making the buffalo grass grow. Time to break out the mower again as all of my yard help starts school tomorrow. 😦


  3. radhika25 says:

    Cute mermaid! Lucky grand daughter!


  4. Rita says:

    Your cake is going to be fabulous! As to the weather…it’s heating up, but we have a Blue Moon, so all is right with the world.


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