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Coming soon!

Stay tuned for an October 1 release of the first trailer for The Desolation of Smaug. Fabulous artwork was revealed today! Yes, I am getting excited!!! Spider webs… Dwarves… Adventure… My sketching fingers are twitching in the cake direction??!

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Ever wonder about this blog’s title?

I do. Every day. I wonder what you wonder about. What do people want to know about living in the country?  And not just “Living in the Country”  a la Country Living magazine.  I mean real country living. You know…where … Continue reading

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Fall Eats

Anyone hungry?  Need something to munch on?  Something easy.  Sweet. Hot/warm. Something to take out on the back porch and eat with a nice, hot cup of coffee. With calories.  Yep, loads of calories. I made these last week for … Continue reading

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Bierocks…Food of the Plains and Germans

UPDATE: click HERE for other bierock fillings Bierocks…one more food I’d never heard of until I became a Displaced Texan. I didn’t realize that the Volga Germans had such a huge influence in Kansas.  Who knew that so many foods … Continue reading

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Deal Gently With Thy Servants, Lord

It’s been a rough week.  Crazy chaos and just crummy news every time I’ve turned around.  Those of you who are prayer warriors, please pray for our friends who not only discovered that their oldest son has pancreatic cancer but … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Inservice=Playday at Meemaw’s!

  Just when I was missing the grands horribly…I was told that Monday was an inservice day for the teacher’s.  Which in my mind screamed…”Let’s all go to Meemaw’s!” And they did.  Almost all of them. First there were 2. Then … Continue reading

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Calorie Alert! Repeat. Calorie Alert!!!!

You’ve been warned. But really, since this is a salad recipe, it’s got to be good.  Right?  Salad=healthy?  Am I correct? Of course I am. Therefore, here’s one of the best EVER!  One of the traditional Kansas recipes that all … Continue reading

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I have acorns. Again!!!! So the suspense is over. It’s official. There. Are. Acorns. On. The. Tree. *doing the happy dance* Praying I get just one good one for planting. And…the red oak is acorn-heavy. That’s a first! I must … Continue reading

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Gifts from the Heart are also The Best!

The other day, I stopped by to take DiL and granddaughters a couple of things and chat about silage lunches. The oldest grand was reading to her mom as the youngest came running at me while the second oldest paraded … Continue reading

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Old gifts are THE best gifts!

I can still hear Big Boss’s mom saying, “Why the heck do you want that old junk?  I grew up with that stuff. “ Yeah, I got what Granny was saying but it didn’t change anything.  The plain and simple … Continue reading

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