Proofing the Pudding

Re: last week’s post on the miraculous Goody spiral pin things…got BB to  take a pic of the back of my head.  I wear my hair this way a lot in these 100 plus September days!!

I French braid the hair above my ears, then gather the rest into a pony tail.

It sorta looks like there's loose hair on left side, but it's secure I promise!

It sorta looks like there’s loose hair on left side, but it’s secure I promise!

Something that I’ve discovered recently is that if I divide the pony tail in half, as in a right section and a left section, I can made a tidier bun.

I  twist the right side around first.  While holding that section in place, I twist the left side around (both sides will twist counter-clockwise.  Then I secure it all with the spiral pin, digging in close to the scalp and going through the pony tail band so the weight of my hair doesn’t pull the pony tail downwards.  I used 2 bobby pins to tuck some ends under.  And that’s all I used!  Well other than the pony tail band.

A quick squirt of hair spray caught any fly-aways. Voila!!

And so as not to ignore all of the guys…here’s a nice shot of Big Boss’s hair.  I am in SO much trouble!  🙂


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13 Responses to Proofing the Pudding

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Well I’m not seeing the Big Boss do? 😦 but yours looks marvelous, dahlin! #envious


  2. The Queen says:

    Word Press is gone wonky today! NOW…do you see it? Cause I don’t. It says it’s there but something weird is going on.


  3. RAFrenzy says:

    Love the head shots. LOL!


  4. marie says:

    How about a video to show exactly how this is done???


  5. Rita Wood says:

    Beautiful!!! The Big Boss in my house has the same do.


  6. Jacque says:

    I like it!!


  7. Kitty says:

    Beautiful! I’m so jealous of all that hair. On your head, that is. I’ve heard that God made only a few perfect heads. He put hair on the rest.


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