Roses and Lace


Not a very original title, but there you have it.

I spent from Wednesday through Sunday in Texas, last week, although technically, Wednesday and Sunday were spent driving from point a to point b.  The reason?  My aunt and uncle were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, although technically, their anniversary is in June.  But since some of their grandchildren were out of state, the party was late.  Which worked out great but then seeing as how our farm in technically in a state of chaos due to corn silage harvest, I was the only one who could make the trip.

Also I was nominated to bake the cake for the occasion.  And that brings me to the rest of the story.

My aunt had no particular requests for the cake other than perhaps some yellow roses and lavender something as per the yellow roses we carried while wearing lavender dresses.  No problem.

Cake flavor was a non issue as we decided on 3 different flavors…vanilla, lemon and chocolate.  That way, everyone was happy.

So it was up to me to come up with the ultimate design.  I had my eye on a gorgeous cake that I had found a couple of months ago.image

That would be the vanilla cake. First step was to order the 2 piece lace mold that had been out of stock FOREVER!  But luckily, it was in stock by the time I placed the order.  Yay!!!!


The lemon cake would use a lace mold I had used before. My aunt liked that one a lot. And it had the Orange but this Time Lemon filling.


The chocolate cake would use the tooled leather mold and have chocolate dipped strawberries on top. And have hazelnut filling.  Just shoot me now….

Tots Party

I made the roses and lavender posies 2 weeks before the trip and had all of the cakes in the freezer.  I did all of that while I worked on Madi’s mermaid cake.


Gumpaste roses await their 4 row of petals. They end up being about 5″ in diameter!!

I had a strict schedule for every day of that week and things were clipping along pretty good.  I knew I had to stay up to speed because with corn silage harvest, thus crews to feed, coming on hard, there wasn’t a moment to spare!

Thankfully, mother let me take over her kitchen for the final details.  It may never be the same!!!  The kitchen, that is.

Acutally the only thing that didn’t coorperate with my well-laid plans was the weather.  It was unbelievably hot the evening of the party.  I prayed that as I sliced cake up for the masses that I didn’t sweat into the cake.  Not good.


The nearly finished top tier the night before the party.

We had a wonderful time and I got to see all of my cousins but two.  He had to work.  Seeing as I’m the only girl in the bunch, I survived not only our childhood but also another party.  They love to pick on me.  Just sayin’.  🙂

We were missing 3 cousins...the lovely ladies pictured are the cousins' wives!

We were missing 4 cousins…the lovely ladies pictured are the cousins’ wives!

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8 Responses to Roses and Lace

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Beautiful and perfect! I honestly couldn’t tell if the roses were real or not, but also knew you would never take the easy way! 🙂


  2. Kitty says:

    “…were out of state,
    the party was late.
    Which worked out great…”
    an artist and a poet! Your talents are unlimited!


  3. radhika25 says:

    Beautiful cakes! Loved the lace, and the chocolate-dipped strawberry one too!


  4. Lovely cakes! Please could you tell me the make of the mold? I would love to get one 🙂


    • The Queen says:

      Thank you! It’s an RVO product by Rosa Design. I think if you’ll do a search on the “Rosa Design” you will find several companies to order from. There are several designs for lace molds…I have 3 at present.


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