All the Little Ghosties, in a Row…a Halloween cake


Update: Go HERE for the companion piece to this cake!

I must get this written.

Why?  Because it’s September 9…just a mere 7+ weeks until Halloween.  Not that I’m a big Halloween fan. Nope.

So let’s call it Fall Fun.  Autumn Holidays. Pumpkin Fever.  Anything but what it is traditionally called.  I never went in for all that spooks and goblins stuff.  Maybe because as a kid it scared me to death. And, since I prefer peace and calm, I ignored the holiday altogether. Or tried to. But my mother was determined…she made me a cowgirl outfit.  The next year it was gypsy get-up. I think the next Halloween stumbled upon an Indian maiden.  After that, it’s a blur.

Until Junior High. At that point, the pumpkin season became a bit more enticing.

Number 1…I didn’t have to dress up goofy.

Number 2…I didn’t have to go to neighbors’ homes to beg for candy.  Like they were afraid of ME?!!!

Number 3…I could spend time with my friends.

Yeah, we had a planned route so our parents knew approximately where we were most of the time.  That plus a strict curfew, especially if it was a school night, and our general fear of shaming ourselves and our families kept well within the safe side of Halloween. Even through High School.  We found fun in watching everyone else and making sure the little kids got their candy and talking and laughing and singing…well, it didn’t take much to entertain us.

In case you’re wondering…yes, I dressed my boys up too. Sometimes against their will, sometime with their full cooperation.  Amazing huh?

And that brings us to this year.  Halloween is now a family night when all of our sons and daughters-in-law bring their offspring aka grands out to see Meemaw and Paw and let us see how they’re dressed up and how cute they all are and they get special treats, of course.

Not that this post’s subject will be the special treat…although it could be a smaller version.  Maybe.

And that brings us back to the Pigs in the Mud post from last February and the Bunnies in the Grass post.

I’ll bet you know where I’m going with this?!!

Did you know Peeps makes little Ghost Peeps aka Just Born Ghosts?  And Pumpkin Peeps?  And I hear there are Black Cat Peeps, although I haven’t found them yet.

So I give you Little Ghosties All in a Row!! And there’s a poem somewhere in all of this?? And this is super easy.  Really. It took me about 5 minutes to glue the ghosts onto the cake with royal icing and 1 minute to pour the pumpkins and jelly beans on. Can it get any faster than that??

Peep ghosts, Brach's pumpkin and Jelly Belly jelly beans

Peep ghosts, Brach’s pumpkin and Jelly Belly jelly beans

And a variation:

Brach's pumpkins, candy corn, Peeps ghosts and Chocolate Twizzlers, which I didn't know existed until today!

Brach’s pumpkins, candy corn, Peeps ghosts and Chocolate Twizzlers, which I didn’t know existed until today!

And another version:

Ghosts, pumpkins, jelly beans, chocolate Twizzlers and candy corn stuck in between the ghosties' arm

Ghosts, pumpkins, jelly beans, chocolate Twizzlers and candy corn stuck in between the ghosties’ arm

I bet y’all can come up with some different ideas too.  Come on.  Send me your photos. We have plenty of time as the stockers are just now getting all those orange and black candies put up on the store shelves.  Get them before they vanish. You know.  Vanish like a ghost?  😀

For an 8″ cake (which could be a pumpkin cake or a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting?? Or just plain vanilla or chocolate or whatever.) I used 3 1/2 packages of ghosts @ $1.49 from Walgreens. Who were the only folks who have much of a variety of candy out yet.  I dumped one package of pumpkins on top but 2 would’ve been better.  One package of Twizzlers goes a long ways. Unless you eat them as you decorate. I’m just guessing on that one.

I bought 2 packages of the jelly beans and I have no idea how much they were. The chocolate Twizzler package was $1.69. So this is a cheap frugal Halloween decoration/treat.

I’m thinking the pumpkin Peeps have potential, but since I just got one package, I’ll leave that one up to someone else. I have meals to plan for the rest of the silage season, which at this point, seems like it may run into Christmas!  Yay.

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7 Responses to All the Little Ghosties, in a Row…a Halloween cake

  1. radhika25 says:

    So adorable! What are Peeps? Are the ghosts marshmallow?


  2. phylly3 says:

    I love the one with the candy corn between the ghosts. It looks like fire– very spooky!


  3. The Queen says:

    Now that I look again, they do resemble fire. Good eye!


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