Follow up on the hair post

Still trying to figure out how to video myself ..and right now, that’s the ONLY way it’s going to happen as BB is snowed under with silage harvest and I will be feeding everyone so not much spare time around here.  But. I am working on it.

In the meantime, I’ve mentioned The Small Things blog before.  The girl has such good ideas and how to’s, you have GOT to go over there and check out her blog.  All photos are courtesy of The Small Things Blog.

A couple of my favs are:

Kates Hair 3 Kates Hair 4

The pic above is the one that I just found tonight!  Very similar to what I was talking about the other day on theProofing the Pudding” post!  I LOVE IT!!  Anything to get this mop off my neck in this horrid heat.

Kates Hair 6 Kates Hair1 Kates Hair2 Kates Hair5Ooops. That was more than a couple huh?  And there’s LOTS more on her site.

So the bottom line is, I could still try to vid my hair doing but Kate does a pro job of it.

Just call me lazy.  🙂 Works for me!.

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