Peaches: Earthly Treasures



imageA couple of weeks ago, the farm that we buy calves from in North Carolina sent us 5 boxes of peaches. That’s right FIVE!!!!

That, to me, is the mother lode in all that is good and wonderful!  I love a fresh peach as much (maybe more?) than that first cucumber fresh from the garden.  Or maybe as much as the first ear of sweet corn.  For sure as much as an apricot out of my orchard.

Nothing screams summer and “school’s out” like a fresh peach.  It reminds me of going to my grandma’s, where she and my aunts and I would peel peaches and freeze them by the gallons.  My mom always said that as frugal as Grandma was, she would pay a $100 for a bushel of peaches.  Whatever it took.


So peach orchards were cased out in the event that the family peach trees didn’t make that year.  It didn’t matter how far away the orchards might be because peaches were a must. Period.  Who could possibly live without Peach Cobbler, which, if made correctly, had peaches from last year’s crop as the star ingredient?  That’s what all of that freezing and canning was about.

Although the family philosophy was that frozen peaches were better than canning but if you were running out of freezer space, the gigantic canner was brought out of the store-room. Plus fruits and veggies that are frozen are thought to contain more nutrients than those that are processed.  I totally agree with that, full well knowing that there are just so many freezers that one household can maintain.

So with each year’s garden plan, allowances must be made for the fruits and veggies that will go in the freezer and those that will be canned.  Corn…freezer. Tomatoes…canned. Green beans…both. Peppers and onion…freezer. Potatoes…canned. Green peas…freezer.  Black eyed peas…canned. And on and on.

However, there was no question this year as I had no water supply for my garden so there was…no garden.  I had plenty of room for peaches.


After divvying up boxes of peaches to all appointed recipients, there was one box left in the fridge.  Although I’ve been eating 2 peaches per day from our stash as Big Boss has, I had to get the peaches “worked up”, as my mother would say.  So I now have a nice row of bagged peaches resting in the freezer beside my pecans, corn on the cob and Big Boss Sausage.

Come on winter.  We’re ready for you. I think.

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4 Responses to Peaches: Earthly Treasures

  1. Donna says:

    Mom had two freezers. Both were chalk full of fresh butchered pork and beef and chickens along with all varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables. Plus a pantry full of canned fruit and vegetables. Loved growing up on the farm and all the fresh homegrown food. Lot of work, but well worth it!!!


  2. We harvested about two dozen peaches from our tree that is only a few years old. Oh my they were scrumptious. You cannot beat tree ripened fruit. I made a cobbler, a crisp and ice cream. Yep, all from two dozen peaches. They were big and juicy!


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