Old gifts are THE best gifts!

I can still hear Big Boss’s mom saying, “Why the heck do you want that old junk?  I grew up with that stuff. “

Yeah, I got what Granny was saying but it didn’t change anything.  The plain and simple fact is/was…I adore old stuff.  Old furniture. Old dishes.  Old dolls.  Even old people!!  🙂

So, when a friend’s husband gave me this old clock, I was thrilled!


“But it doesn’t work.”  I could care less.

“I’m not sure it can repaired.”  Whatever.  I love my/your clock.

“It might cost more to try to fix it than it’s worth.”  Nice try.  Hand it over dude.

I tried to pay the gift bearer.  He wasn’t having it.  Oh joy. Oh happy.   A new piece of junk/treasure!!

I headed back north and the day after I arrived home, I headed for the sweetest clock repairman you’ll ever meet.  He’s always pleasant.  He’s always optimistic. He charges fair prices.  AND…the man is timely.  Yeah. That was a pun.  Seriously, when this man says he’ll have it done by such and such time, he does.  How unique.

And now, the clock is ticking away on my mantel.  It’s going to be part of my fall decorations on the fireplace mantel. Well, until December…

Oh…and I just figured out the difference between “mantel” and “mantle”.

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6 Responses to Old gifts are THE best gifts!

  1. grammyjj says:

    It looks great! I love these old clocks too – I have to keep after Helmet to keep ours wound; love to hear them chime!!!


  2. Donna says:

    May have to get the name of your repairman. If my sister ever gets my granddad’s table top grandfathers clock to me. Don’t know if it can be fixed, but would love to see it work again!


  3. Rita Wood says:

    I have two that don’t work and I’m close to KC. One of these days. I adore old stuff. Grandma’s old oak table built by my great-grandfather, the winsor rocker made by my ggggrandfather and carried from Indiana to Iowa, to Kansas, to Arkansas, to Virginia and back to Kansas with me.
    If it doesn’t have a history, I’m not really interested…this doesn’t apply to appliances…


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