Teacher’s Inservice=Playday at Meemaw’s!



Just when I was missing the grands horribly…I was told that Monday was an inservice day for the teacher’s.  Which in my mind screamed…”Let’s all go to Meemaw’s!”

And they did.  Almost all of them.

First there were 2.

Then 4.

Then 7.

Then 5.

Then 7.

By chance, or not, I had started 2 big pans of cinnamon rolls rising early yesterday morning and thawed out 2 lbs. of hamburger. I had plenty of peach tea and new box of Whole Grain Cheese Its. All was well and organized.

I made a humongous skillet of Hamburger Surprise, baked the cinnamon rolls and filled their tummies. And no. I had no veggies. Or bananas. We dined on pure carbs and protein.

I know. Bad Meemaw.

The veggies arrived about an hour after lunch was cleaned up via the Schwann’s man. Bed timing on my part.

The 3 girls arrived shortly afterwards to do some scrapping. We’ve been working on sewing but they asked to scrap this time. So scrapping it was. A couple of the boys even joined us!

So I went through my stacks and mountains of pics and divided out around 20 for each one. It was hilarious to watch them react to “old” pics of themselves and/or siblings/cousins. The winning pic in the Ooo and Ahhh category was one of their siblings who happened to be the babies of the family when the pics were taken.

When they left, they left with a mini album in their hands. Also left were echoes of giggling, snorting, chattering and memories.

And I was left with scraps of paper, dirty dishes, a toy here and there….and memories.

Maybe I should have entitled this “Left Behind”??

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2 Responses to Teacher’s Inservice=Playday at Meemaw’s!

  1. Kitty says:

    Priceless. For the last six months, while my niece and her husband were having their newly purchased home updated, they and their four children, my sister’s only grandchildren, have lived next door to my sister. Alas, the remodel is over and they will be moving this weekend, about 40 miles away. Not so far, really. But my sister and bro-in-law both work for the USPS and their long hours will prevent them from weekly visits. They have let those little darlings (ages 1 – 7) spend almost every waking moment with them while they were so near. I can’t say I know how she feels because our only grandchildren are right next door on the Rocky Knob compound (both of them are sitting in PawPaw’s chair as I type this, eating trail mix and watching the Emperor’s New something or other). These days of fooling them into thinking that Mawmie and PawPaw are the greatest will quickly pass away. There is always evidence of their presence – a few crumbs left from a peanut butter sammich, alphabet cards strewn from here to the sewing room, the coloring book box in the middle of the floor – but who cares. It’s just stuff. I’ll wallow in these precious moments while they last.


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