Fall Eats


Anyone hungry?  Need something to munch on?  Something easy.  Sweet. Hot/warm. Something to take out on the back porch and eat with a nice, hot cup of coffee. With calories.  Yep, loads of calories.

I made these last week for my silage crew guys…and gal..although she can’t have these so all of her sweets go to some unsuspecting yet thankful guy. Usually Big Boss.

BB loved them.  I loved them.  Haven’t talked to any of the crew to see what they thought but this is something that if you like it, it doesn’t matter if anyone else does.  In fact…if they don’t, that leaves more for you! Yay me!!!

And, besides being the perfect dessert/snack…these would be great with a brunch casserole! Or some  Spiced Bacon?!

Remember those wonderful Rhodes rolls (not cinnamon this time!), found in the frozen foods section of the grocery store?  They’re a good short cut.  But, if you are feeling adventurous AND energetic, whip up your own favorite yeast roll recipe and proceed.

But if you are lazy slammed for time, get those Rhodes rolls from the far reaches of the freezer and thaw them out!

Fresh Orange Rolls

1 package Rhodes rolls

1 orange, grate the rind off first, then squeeze the juice out. Reserve the juice.

2 Tablespoons melted butter

Combine in a small bowl the rind from the orange, grated and 3/4 cup sugar.

Thaw the roll dough out.

Dip each roll into the butter then in the sugar and orange rind. Place into a well-greased muffin pan.


After placing in the pan, I took my kitchen shears and cut twice through the top of the dough. And then sprinkled more sugar and rind into the cut.  More is  better.  Right?


Let rise until doubled in a draft-free place, about 30-45 minutes. I place my pan in  the top oven and turn the bottom oven on so the heat will rise to the top oven. They will rise a bit faster!


Bake in a 350° oven for 15 minutes.



NOTE: I used the regular size Rhodes rolls, putting 1 and 1/2 rolls together. Really too big. One would have sufficed!.

Remove from oven and brush on :

3 Tablespoons orange juice

1 cup powdered sugar

1 Tablespoon melted butter

These are sticky, gooey and addicting.  One will NOT do.  Must have more!!!!

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2 Responses to Fall Eats

  1. domino1999 says:

    I bet the house smells heavenly while these are baking, will have to try this recipe soon!


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