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All Eyes Are Upon You

Ever feel like you’re being watched?  Like someone has your number and one false move and BAM!  Like you can’t take a step or sneak a snack or lick your fingers because all eyes are upon you.  Reminds me of … Continue reading

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Along the Colorado River

  I grew up on the Colorado River…also the Pecan Bayou. It was a long ways to either, but my daddy loved to fish. And he loved to run trot lines. So I was his Number 1 right hand man/kid … Continue reading

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Mini Jacks for your window box!

Since I could find NOTHING to do today, I got my Wee Jack O’Lanterns carved, sanitized, positioned and lit.  In a window box.  Actually, I have 2 but this one is protected from the wind.  That means the other one may … Continue reading

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Odd things in Strange Places

Such as.. A paper cup under the lamp table that has old jewelry piled on top of it. Pop cans sitting on window ledge. Vintage Humpty Dumpty magazines on the other lamp table. Pink coat draped over red wagon. Bubble jar … Continue reading

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Do you hear what I hear?

No, I am not getting an early start on the Christmas holidays. Just sitting here smelling, watching, feeling VACATION!! Smelling the crisp mountain air, with just hint of smokiness from somebody’s chimney. Watching the cattle graze, the babbling brook/stream/creek bounce … Continue reading

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and MORE Little Ghosties!

A reader sent this a few days ago and due to trips, football and silage harvest, I’m just now getting this up. Karen did  a great job on her Ghost candy jar, the perfect compliment to the Ghostie Cake and … Continue reading

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Glick Mansion’s German Baked Eggs

I asked…a while back…what types of recipes you’d like to see. You asked for easy…tasty…breakfast…one dish…and I panicked! Was it possible to find a dish that was “All Those Things”? And then I remembered this wonderful egg dish that was … Continue reading

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Shining Seas and Amber Waves

  In my glee of FINALLY finishing the fall harvest, I indulged in some wannabe writing.  Yep, I’m hallucinating. So humor me just this once? ¡Por favor! I have a friend who lives in Tasmania. Prue Batten. She is a … Continue reading

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Potluck Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Don’t you just love Potluck Sundays?  We had one today.  It was a special day because we had a wonderful family musical group, The Prowells, at church.  One of the songs that they performed, and wrote, had the message of … Continue reading

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I know it’s not spring.  I know it IS the beginning of fall. But during my last trip to Texas, I found something new. Something blue. Something handy. Something with bluebonnets!!!! I had to share. Because I can’t be the … Continue reading

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