Decorating with Ghosts…or…Hello October!

Halloween Ghost flower vase

Happy First Day of October!!

You thought I was done with the Peeps ghosts, didn’t you?  Ha!

Actually, I saw this cute vase idea last year. Somewhere.  I have NO idea who to credit this to, so if you know, let me know.  You know?

Back to the Peeps..

This makes a perfect companion piece for the Little Ghosties cake that I made earlier.

It took all of 15 minutes…maybe…to put this together.  The important thing is having your supplies.  That took a while longer. Especially since I have to drive at least 40 miles for the nearest Peeps supply!

But I found them.  So far, Walgreen’s has been my most consistent and bountiful supplier of Peeps ghosts and pumpkins.  You can also order online from several candy stores. The vases can be found at Hobby Lobby or WalMart or in your basement!

You can layer with whatever your heart desires but I stuck with the original design on my first one and later branched out to different motifs that I gave to unsuspecting DiLs, whether they wanted them or not!!

It took me a year to do this because, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the Peeps things were and where you got them.  Once I caught on to the Peep syndrome, I had it made.

I was poppin’ those little Peeps into any available containers!

The secret is…you put a smaller glass/jar/vase inside a larger one, thus creating a space in which to layer the candies.

Ghost candle

Once I got my demo model finished, I tried this:

Halloween Ghost candle

Then this:

Ghost candle with pumpkin

and finally this:

Halloween Ghost Cake and flower vase

You may note that the supply of pumpkins and candy corn on the top of the cake is dwindling. Fast. No idea WHO the culprits are..

Loved the lighting from the west sun in the afternoon:

Halloween cake dark


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10 Responses to Decorating with Ghosts…or…Hello October!

  1. PigLove says:

    Great idea!! XOXO – Bacon


  2. Goombaw says:

    Very cute! Just made one in a candy jar. Thanks for the idea!


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  4. This is adorable, so festive thanks for the great idea!


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