Something Borrowed, Something Blue


I know it’s not spring.  I know it IS the beginning of fall.

But during my last trip to Texas, I found something new.

Something blue.

Something handy.

Something with bluebonnets!!!!

I had to share. Because I can’t be the only one around who loves bluebonnets?!

I now have a Bluebonnet tote bag which is made in the U.S.A. (therefore makes it really, really unique!!!) to haul my magazines and latest embroidery/crochet project. It will hold it ALL!  It’s huge!

Oh.  You didn’t know I crochet?  I’m using the term loosely for sure! Let me just say that when I use the word “crochet”, I’m using it to describe an experiment.  Or a trial and error thing.  Not as in, “I sit and crochet while I watch TV.” You’ve GOT to be kidding.  How could anyone crochet and watch TV or even talk is beyond me.

I have to concentrate.  Think about what I’m doing.  Count.  Make sure I’m holding everything right. Squint.  Count.  They call this a hobby?!

But I’m determined to make a scarf/necklace.  It’s more of a scarf in my book but some on the internet call it a necklace.  I won’t argue the point.

A baby afghan that my mother started crocheting years ago.  We thought we had lost it!  Even had the hook still in it!!! This yarn is a lightweight yarn but it considered a "bulk" yarn.

A baby afghan that my mother started crocheting years ago. We thought we had lost it! Even had the hook still in it!!! This yarn is a lightweight yarn but it considered a “bulk” yarn.

The thing is to just do it.  And I did.  I actually remembered how to chain stitch…the basic crochet stitch that most first graders know how to do. Which is about when I learned it from my grandma, who was an expert crocheter, thus explaining my mother and my aunt’s crochet expertise!

Big Boss's grandmother's sewing basket with her crochet hooks, crochet thread, bits and pieces of edging and a bag that I can only guess she made.

Big Boss’s grandmother’s sewing basket with her crochet hooks, crochet thread, bits and pieces of edging and a bag that I can only guess she made. The 4 spools of thread are all labeled “crochet” thread and have never been used. They’re on wooden spools so they’re getting close to 100 years old maybe? I found a treasure chest of items like this when I opened the drawers of her treadle sewing machine!

I, however, missed that particular gene. Anything I’ve ever attempted to crochet, turns out slightly wonky.  That’s a lie.  More than slightly.  My potholders appeared to be created for some kind of crazy skillet that has yet to be invented.  My baby afghans were worthy of lining a mama kitty’s birthing box.  The only baby they could wrap up  might be something about 4″ in diameter and 14″ long.  On one side. The other could barely cover “its” feet, much less swaddle a newborn.

OK.  This is what I’m going for.


Photo courtesy of Etsy. Scarf by Isabella Wesley.

Don’t you love it?  I saw it on…drum roll…Pinterest.  (It will be my downfall.) Surely I can’t mess this up? It’s just one really, really long chain stitch, joined by a crochet flower.

I took the picture to my aunt in Texas who can crochet anything. Literally.  She told me if I’d do the chain stitching, she’d make the flower.  What. A. Deal!!!

I mailed her the yarn Monday.  I wish she’d hurry up!!! 🙂

I’m done with my end of the deal.  *smirk*


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18 Responses to Something Borrowed, Something Blue

  1. prue batten says:

    Guess what? My aunt went from Australia to her grandson’s wedding (he married a Texan in Waco) and she wore my anti-clot (DVT) stockings on the flight there and back. Her gift to me for using them was a handtowel from Texas with the bluebonnets all over. I call it my NB towel!


  2. Kitty says:

    I want one! Just sent the pic to my sister who crochets during Jeopardy and “Spin-A-Wheel” and Antiques Road Show. Keeping my fingers crossed.


    • Kitty says:

      Do you have the link for instructions? She took the bait!


      • The Queen says:

        That’s the thing…haven’t found one. Just showed it to my aunt and she concurred with my theory…one long chain stitch then looped and held in place with the flower. At this point, I’ve gone through a lot of links and pics trying to find the instructions. I’m betting your sister can do this with her eyes shut! *crochets during Jeopardy…*


  3. Rachael Herring says:

    Question here: Isn’t this knitting? My grandmother, et al, crocheted with a different kind (finer) thread–all sorts of things. She taught me the chain stitch when I was little, but unfortunately I don’t do any of it now. She made borders for pillow cases, tea towels, table tops–beautiful stuff. I still have some of it and remember so well.


    • The Queen says:

      No, Rachael. It’s crochet. My mother and grandmother also used what they called “bedspread” thread…the very fine thread to make booties, doilies, edgings and even….bedspreads. I have the one my mother made for us years ago. My grandmother made all of the “lace” edgings for my bridesmaids dresses! You use a very small hook for those things. I used a bulky thread and used a “G” hook I think to do the chain stitch for my scarf. It does resemble knitting tho. There is also a “chain” stitch in embroidery. That I can do half way right! Sort of. Take good care of the precious pieces from your grandmother!!! I’ll post an update on my chain here shortly.


      • Rachael Herring says:

        Thanks for the clarification. Yes, she made doilies also (for everything). Tables, backs of chairs, arms of chairs, All sorts of patterns, too. Truly works of art that were not appreciated until now.
        Love your posts. Just read the lunch prep one–funny, funny! (to read, not to do)


        • The Queen says:

          LOL!!! I have a linen closet FULL of doilies with no place to go. I do put a few out now and then, but I have enough for our entire town! Saving them for something just not sure what yet. If nothing else, my grands will inherit them!


        • The Queen says:

          And thanks for reading my ramblings! As I heard someone say once, “truth is stranger than fiction”!!!


  4. Stephanie Carr says:

    This bag is GORGEOUS–and so is the scarf. You said it’s on Pinterest?


  5. radhika25 says:

    Love the bag! I’m a sucker for anything blue! And I used to crochet in my youth– but mainly with thread. Can’t see now to crochet or tat or embroider anymore 🙂


    • The Queen says:

      Blue is my one weakness. 🙂 You know how to TAT?!!! I tried years ago and was a miserable failure. Sorry to hear you are having sight problems. I have one of those lamp thingys with a magnifying glass to help me w/counted cross-stitch. Can’t live w/o it now!


      • radhika25 says:

        Please send me a name and a picture of this lamp thingy…I’ll buy it when I come to the US. You don’t get it here 😦
        Yes, I used to tat and do tons of cross stitch and petit point and crochet and stitch clothes for my kids and myself. But my eyesight is not what is was 5-8 years ago…
        When I paint the eyes/ affix the nose on my fondant creations now, I have no idea what they will look like. We love to have this magnifying glass thingy. Only seen it on CSI 🙂


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