Do you hear what I hear?

imageNo, I am not getting an early start on the Christmas holidays. Just sitting here smelling, watching, feeling VACATION!!

Smelling the crisp mountain air, with just hint of smokiness from somebody’s chimney.

Watching the cattle graze, the babbling brook/stream/creek bounce over and across the round stones and the clouds fade in and out over Mt. Hahn.

Feeling the cooler-than-we-expected alpine breezes and remind us to grab a jacket before we left the cabin.

Listening to the creek below us and thinking how nice it would be to open the bedroom window so we could go to sleep to its lullaby but then remembering it might snow that night!

Enjoying the solitude of no schedule, no alarm clock and no cell service. And also hot coffee. Lots of coffee.

Renewing old friendships with the added perk of the friends being excellent tour guides and experts restaurant recommenders! Yay!

And finally, experiencing the adventure of finding feedlots in Colorado.  😀 Yep, we managed yet another feedlot tour. Right smack dab in the middle of the dazzling fall colors of Routt National Park, we discovered a cattle ranch/farm. Imagine that. The owner looked at me and asked if I had planned on seeing cattle on our trip. I answered with, “Hey, if we could find a feedyard in Hawaii, we surely would find one in Colorado!” He laughed. I did not.



But the ranch was extraordinarily beautiful. I could live there even if it was 40 rugged miles away from civilization.

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8 Responses to Do you hear what I hear?

  1. Kitty says:

    Gentle nature sounds and coffee – ahhhhhh


  2. grammyjj says:

    Beautiful pics!! Wish I was there too!


  3. Stephanie Carr says:

    Me, too!


  4. Fancy Nancy says:

    Ahhh…vacations in the fall….retirement is strongly calling! Mother and Daddy took many fall vacations in retirement…always their favorites! Looks sooooo wonderful!


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