Odd things in Strange Places

imageSuch as..

A paper cup under the lamp table that has old jewelry piled on top of it.

Pop cans sitting on window ledge.

Vintage Humpty Dumpty magazines on the other lamp table.

Pink coat draped over red wagon.

Bubble jar beside fire pit.

Rakes beside tree…wait…that isn’t strange??!!

Do we have paranormal activities going on at the farm? Nope. Just 11 grandkids.

There was NO school today so we had a Cousin’s Night on a…THURSDAY!!! Now THAT is weird. So, we held pumpkin carving contest in which the older 5 helped the younger 5 first, then carved their pumpkins. And yes, I had “911” on standby. image imageWe had wagon races. Lots of screaming. Again…911 was within a one touch dial.

The girls took turns braiding my hair.

Then they took turns styling each other’s hair, thank goodness. image Football was played. Leaves were raked. Then scattered. Then raked. Then…. image Scary stories ensued. Screams were reported to have been heard in the vicinity.

Playhouse was turned into a haunted mansion.

Yep…more screaming.

Pizza and Fried Apple Pies were consumed, accompanied by grape soda and root beer.

Stories were read.

Bubbles were blown. image Kids were chased. Again…the screaming.

Cabelas hunting play set was dumped onto the floor and bear hunts commenced.

Babies were dressed, ears were decorated with assorted old clip-on earrings, none of which have a mate.

Songs were sung.

Laughter abounded.

Dares flew like falling leaves.

Jokes were told…badly but met with hysterical laughter, whether they “got it” or not!

Pumpkins were smooched!

image All in all, a fantastic time was had by all attendees, ages 12 years to 14 months. No wait 63 years to 14 months. Sorry. And….strange/odd things appeared in strange/weird places at the end of it all. 😀

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2 Responses to Odd things in Strange Places

  1. Kitty says:

    School was out here, also. Both the little princesses insisted on coming over an hour before they were scheduled. The cool temperature made it possible for them to play outside without overheating (their ichthyosis won’t let them sweat). I got in a little cardio while raking leaves and they jumped & dived and giggled. Aren’t Grandmawmie’s awesome!


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