All Eyes Are Upon You


Ever feel like you’re being watched?  Like someone has your number and one false move and BAM!  Like you can’t take a step or sneak a snack or lick your fingers because all eyes are upon you.  Reminds me of a song?  Oh yeah.  “The Eyes of Texas are Upon You”, yep that’s the one.

I’ve had this eerie feeling all day as I made the requested Monster sticks…with a twist.  Well, not a huge twist.  This year I colored the cookie dough instead of coloring the icing then squirting it all over the place.  I know. I’m getting rebellious in my old age.

It had to be done tho.  I had to come up with something a little different.  Last year it was this:

Halloween cookies 2012.

Halloween cookies 2012.

We're waaatching you....

We’re waaatching you….

This year, these dudes showed up on my kitchen counter.

No plan really.  No design. Just POOF! And there they were.  The problem is….they’re just right.  I cooked them just right which ens they’re soft and pliable and if they’re a little too long, they’ll bend and bust right in two.  That’s the way we like them!  So I messed up by not overcooking them?  Nah.  They’ll get eaten all the same, weird and funky as they may be.

How creepy is it to pop something in your mouth as that something’s eyes follow you all…the way….down?  Creepy, but yummy.


On that note…happy sneaking candy from your kid’s candy bag and remember:

You. Are. Being. Watched.  If not by the cookies, certainly by the kids!  Just sayin’. 🙂

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2 Responses to All Eyes Are Upon You

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Really cute and clever! Wow, there’s a lot of those little creeps, though…but oh, yes, you have a bunch of little goblins to feed!!! How many dozen did you bake?


  2. The Queen says:

    No idea. I just know I mixed up a double batch of cookie dough! 🙂


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