Welcome Home!

After a great, smooth, wonderful trip, I was home!!

Where I found a daughter-in-law hospitalized, four granddaughters who needed a sub mom, relatives coming the next day…and no water in the guest bathroom, no soft water because “someone” forgot to start the water softener, no water pressure for whatever reason. All I could think was, “Why didn’t I major in plumbing?” Not an option but nice thought.

All water disfunctions were solved/are being solved…eventually and/or just worked around. DiL improved, Texas relatives pitched to help and we heaved sigh of relief!

And we moved on.

With an invitation from friends, three nights later, to attend a Vienna Boys Choir concert with them using…yep, two extra tickets! Life is good. šŸ˜€

What a treat! If you ever have the chance to hear them, go for it!

My favorite selection was “Gabriella’s Song” from As It is in Heaven by Stefan Nillson. Exquisite execution of a beautiful, new (to me) song!

The choir performed on stage with a Steinway in dead center, flanked on each side by 10-12 choir members, and directed by an extremely animated choirmaster who had… well, as Big Boss put it, “If he’d give me half of his hair, we’d both be better off.” Yep, bad case of hair envy!

For a quick sample of the wonderful intonation, near perfect pitch and outstanding enunciation, listen to their “Still, Still, Still”, recorded with an adult choir as accompaniment. And, it just happens to be one of my favorite Christmas carols!

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