A deal to really be thankful for

What do you spend on Thanksgiving groceries? I think I may spend a bit more that this article suggests but I could do it easy on $49.04. No problem. I tend to cook more than is needed for one meal…so I have leftovers! Yay for leftovers!!

Farm Fresh

1turkey-plate-gfI had to hustle to a meeting in the country recently, so I stopped to gas up before leaving town. Even though the price of gasoline is down a bit from earlier this year, I easily rolled past $50 before my tank filled.

That experience was just another reminder of what a great deal Americans are getting when they sit down soon for their traditional Thanksgiving feast, or any other meal.

In its annual survey, the American Farm Bureau Federation recently found that the classic Thanksgiving dinner in 2013 will cost about $49.04. That hearty meal will serve 10 people, and there’s likely to be leftovers unless, of course, you’ve got more than one teenage boy at the table.

Do the math: it’s a feast for less than $5 a person. It’s actually down a bit from last year and compared to inflation, it’s an incredible deal.


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