A Family Tradition…Apricot Jam Cake


I posted this recipe a long time ago, HERE.

This time I have pics to go along with the recipe.  If that makes a difference.

The thing is…it’s difficult to fancy up a pound cake photo.  They’re too…plain.  I mean really plain.  But the other thing is…they are just so darned good.  Seriously good. Even excellent!!!!

Apricot Jam cake right out of the oven is simply heavenly.  It’s the cake that Big Boss begs for. It was one of his dad’s favorites and also his granddad’s.  Not to mention my dad’s, my son’s….well you get the idea.

I have used peach jam when I’ve run out of apricot jam. I think it would be good using blackberry jam too.  I just have a hard time parting with my blackberry jam for any use besides slathering a whole pile of it on top of a hot, buttered biscuit!

Apricot Jam Cake

Cream together:

1 cup softened butter (not margarine, please.  I beg of you!)

2 cups sugar

Add: 4 large egg yolks (this means you have 4 large egg whites in a bowl somewhere close by!)

1 cup buttermilk (if you don’t have it, take a tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice and add milk to make a cup then let it set a few minutes before you add to the mixer.)

1 cup Apricot jam (Yeah, store-bought will work!)

3 cups all purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon vanilla (the real stuff NOT the extract!)

Mix slowly and well with mixer.

imageRemove mixer bowl from mixer, grab a spatula and fold in, by hand, 4 egg whites that have been whipped in a separate bowl till not quite dry…stiff.



When egg whites are incorporated into the batter, pour into a tube cake pan or a Bundt pan (spray the pans really REALLY good with a baking spray like Baker’s Joy OR smear shortening in every little nook and cranny then shake flour over it.  No guarantees on that method tho, especially in a Bundt pan.  I usually use my angel food cake pan that has the pop out bottom)


Bake for 15 minutes at 300°, then up the temp to 350° and bake for  45 minutes. to an hour or till the sides pull away from the pan slightly.  Let cool in pan on a rack for about 15 minutes then remove from pan and let cool completely on the rack.  Very moist and tender cake to die for!!!  Big Boss’s favorite cake recipe and it’s an old one from his coaching days in Texas from a Sister Coach’s wife.

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3 Responses to A Family Tradition…Apricot Jam Cake

  1. Annie Vickery says:

    Can’t wait to make this!


  2. radhika25 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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