German Bread Balls aka Butterballs aka Semmelknödel

  imageRemember the butterballs I mentioned in this post?  Well, I contacted the friend whose mom made these years ago for our kids’ concession stand at school.  We were serving Chicken and Noodles that particular night.  Karen said she’d throw in some Butterballs with the soup.  I thought, “Well, I guess she didn’t have chicken so she used turkey aka Butterball??”

Imagine my shock when the butterballs that she brought to the kitchen were NOT turkeys.  They were yummy little balls that seemed to be made of dressing/stuffing.

Nope, she explained.  These were Bread Balls and then rattled off something in German which I think was Semmelknödel. But don’t quote me on that!

Anyway, she had made Chicken Noodle Soup and had snuck these little jewels into the soup.  Wow, were they good!  Who would’ve ever thought of putting them in a soup?

The German cooks evidently!  They like to use these little balls of goodness in many different soups.

I can trust in Karen Moore’s recipe (because she’s a fantastic cook!) and pass it on to my readers as my contribution to the promotion of German culture.  You are welcome.

Just trust me. These are good! And they add pizzaz to a soup.  And they use up old, dry bread.  Nuff said.

Thank you Misty and Karen for sharing this.  Oh, when I asked Misty where her mom got the recipe, here answer was, “It’s on an old piece of paper, so I’d guess it was from grandma or an aunt!”


Karen Moore’s German Bread Balls

Karen’s daughter, Misty is my contact on Face Book and she says, “Ok, she said she quadruples this to make a decent sized batch.”:

1 pkg hamburger buns left out overnight (or any old leftover bread according to other recipes I’ve found)

2 eggs

1/2 c. Butter

allspice to taste


Take one bun at a time and process in food processor finely.  Melt butter and combine with eggs…then mix into processed buns.  Add allspice to taste level.  Form balls to the size of walnuts.image

When making with noodle soup, complete soup to boil.  Add butterballs approximately 10 minutes before serving. When they are done they will float on the top.  Make sure soup has enough liquid.  She freezes leftover balls not used in ziplock bags.

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2 Responses to German Bread Balls aka Butterballs aka Semmelknödel

  1. Suzann coffey says:

    I’m German and I HATE to cook. Lol. Also Debbie, I think that was a bad word you said in German!!


    • The Queen says:

      No DUH on that one Suz!! LOL…well if it is, there’s a lot of Mennonites besides this Baptist that have said/typed it!!! I am in good company! BTW, how did the King Ranch Casserole turn out?


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