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And another thing…what happened to the Misty Mountains?

Sorry.  I really don’t want to sound like a whiner.  Or a Tolkien snob/geek/nerd.  Or a music snob/geek/nerd. But. Why in the name of All Things Tolkien, did we not hear the “Misty Mountain” theme song?  Not a note.  I … Continue reading

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From the real…to the so not real…and back again

Note: a PS resides HERE. In the midst of all the busyness of the season, Big Boss took me to see The Desolation of Smaug.  In The Big City.  At the IMAX.  In the middle of the afternoon. The only … Continue reading

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Up on the Rooftop!

Not that I’ve run out of ointments…but I do have to save something for next year!!? This little guy is one of my favorites…have I said that before?  He truly is tho.  I mean just look at that face!  And … Continue reading

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Ornaments of the fabric kind?

Yep.  Have those too. One of my favs is an apron.  Really?  Absolutely. About 10 years ago, my mom made me a Christmas apron.  I loved it!  So it was hung carefully in the guest room closet. The problem was … Continue reading

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A Christmas Message…Ravi Zacharias

Big Boss forwarded Ravi Zacharias’ Christmas message to me yesterday. We are both huge fans of Ravi Zacharias and consider him to be the foremost Christian apologist in today’s world. We have heard him speak in person several times and … Continue reading

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Decorating the Christmas Mantel

This year’s theme was a lot like last year’s.  I’m stuck on snow again.  It’s simple. It’s fun.  It’s easy. It’s classic. And I have lots of things to use on it. Normally, I do a Nativity Tree like the … Continue reading

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Sparkly Things for Trees…Ointments for Sunday

Since there was no official, bona fide, true ornament posted yesterday, today we get TWO!!  Are  you excited?  Well, I am and that’s what counts.  Me.  Spoken like a true narcissist. So… my mom made this sometime in the ’70s … Continue reading

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And visions of muffins, candy and cinnamon rolls danced in their heads

Click on the pictures where you’ll see the link above it for the  original post. Click on that and there you are!  I’ve bundled a bunch of recipes together today that I usually whip up around this time of year.   … Continue reading

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Antlers for a Rustic Christmas…with a nod to Miz Kitty

Decorating with antlers is a tradition around here.  No, it’s more than tradition.  It’s a necessity…a convenience. One of the readers/commenters on this blog mentioned the other day that she didn’t realize that decorating with antlers was “IN”!  Heck, I was throwing … Continue reading

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A Tree Choir for Miz Fancy Nancy and Miz Scarlett

As requested…and promised…I now give you my Christmas Tree Chorus. They are a tall, straight lot but man can they sing!!  🙂 I found this great group last December.  I had taken our matriarch, Mother, back home after spending a … Continue reading

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