Being Stalked or a Freaky Hobbity sort of day

Yep.  Today was a weird day.

Yesterday was a busy day.  We’re expecting temps to fall drastically by Wednesday, so I had much to do.   Thankfully, 3 grandsons were willing and able to assist my efforts.  They blew leaves, raked leaves, hauled leaves…then hung lights on the playhouse.  The Christmasy decor was completed with a little tree with little lights sitting in front of the little window on the little house.  Pretty cute.image

Nothing is hung on the real house tho.  Maybe later?

But about the stalking thing.

I had 2 Dr. visits scheduled in the big city today.  Made one by 8:30 and passed with flying colors.  Well, almost.  It was “suggested” that I might need to up my exercise protocol.  Will do!

Next was the dentist’s chair being ruled by the Queen of Clean, Becca….who  happens to be kinfolk!  She’s good, just so you know!!

Once I was a free woman….and also passed with flying colors.  Again.  I headed for Wally World in search for material for an upcoming project.    As  I searched and searched,  I had a vague  notion that I was being watched.

I looked over my aged shoulder, and there wasn’t a soul in sight for…aisles…at least to the electronics aisle!

I happened to glance down as I decided to sift quickly through the latest pattern book.

Photo courtesy of as my phone was in the shop.

Photo courtesy of as my phone was in the shop.

And there was the stalker. In the costumes catalog. Front cover even. Yep. There stood Thorin alongside Galadriel. Inside the catalog, I found Thorin keeping Kili and Balin company. Really. That intense stare of the dwarf prince stopped me cold in my tracks until I decided that no way was this guy going to thread his way into my path. I could not be stopped. Even by The Majestic One.  I was on a mission. I slowly backed away from the pattern book and that steely, magnificent gaze.

I plowed on to the toy department so check out bargains for possible grandson gifts. Once again, a chill ran up my spine as I realized that I wasn’t alone. I quickly scanned the shelves. I peeked around the corner. Nothing. Until.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

I looked down at the Lego sets. There he was again. Only this time, he was shorter and he wasn’t alone. He had buddies alongside. Also a nasty-looking creepy crawly eight legged critter. Blechhhh. I exited that aisle as quickly as possible. This guy was getting on my last nerve.

I plodded towards the produce section somewhat cautiously as I was now fearing that The Majestic One might hunt me down amongst the carrots. But alas thankfully, I had escaped those mesmerizing eyes once more.

Having groceries now in tow and numerous gift ideas added to a rapidly growing list, I decided it was time to see if Cell Man had cast out the demons that had taken up residence in my cell phone. That meant a trip to the mall. Yay.

I cautiously entered the building, wondering if The Majestic One would show up here also. I mean…this was getting freaky.

Cell Man claimed to have vanquished all unwanted spirits from Freaky Fone, so I decided to hit the Bath and Body store for possible purchases. When. It. Hit. Again.

Someone was watching me for sure now. But when I turned around, I realized that The Majestic One was turning into a monster! Well, larger than life anyway. And his gang had increased.

Yep. There the whole group stood. In the Dodge City picture show lobby.

Who’d a thunk?!

or maybe…I overdosed on Hobbit premiere news avalanches??

or maybe…the mania is spreading???

Possibly only The Shadow knows…

And there are 9 days to go.

Now. To talk Big Boss into taking me to the Really Big City so I can see DoS in 3D at an IMAX…

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4 Responses to Being Stalked or a Freaky Hobbity sort of day

  1. prue batten says:

    Love this. I finished in the Big City yesterday and didn’t have one encounter with the Great One. Will have to buy myself a Lego Thorin, I think. And am trying to be brave enough to watch 3D once more. DoS on DVD is tooooooo long away.


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    Well, can’t relate to all the Hobbity stuff…ha, but that playhouse rules!!! Oozes with charm!! Live it!


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