Breaking News….

Remember THIS?

Winter Hobbit cake


Well, THIS happened yesterday and I can’t tell you how completely wonderful it is that it happened on a Sunday!!!!

Why?  Because any other day that you’re featured on a Cake Wreck day, you need to buy a ticket to Outer Mongolia, take a tent and your cell phone and hide.  Forever. Wait. Forget the phone. And take your Last Will and Testament.

You see the whole point to Cake Wrecks is to point out freaks of nature.  Horrible mistakes.  Unexplainable accidents.  In the realm of cakes.

And as if the cakes aren’t hilarious enough, the comments will slay you.  Any time I need a laugh, I mosey on over to CW to see what Jen and John have been up to.

I am NEVER disappointed.  Ever.

So I read with JOY that the Winter Hobbitland cake was included on a “best” list.  Whew!!!

I will say that throughout this past year, Morgan’s Hobbit cake has appeared on several other sites and their lists.  I knew that Morgan and loved that cake.  How nice to know that others have found it inspiring as well!

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9 Responses to Breaking News….

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  2. heartfelt4 says:

    Congratulations! And how timely!! But all your creations are wonderful!



  3. judiang says:

    Congrats! Right that it should have been on the best list. That cake is so magical, it’s a shame to *gasp* eat!


  4. wow so so beautiful, I love cake decorating too. I’ve never made a cake with light in it, what an inspiration. I’ll do my research on these kind of cakes 🙂


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