Meemaw’s 2013 Acorn Harvest



imageI know y’all have been anxiously awaiting news on my annual acorn crop.  I’ve watched and waited and counted , well, pretty much all summer.  And fall found me checking my babies daily.  And no, I am not kidding.  This business of raising baby oak trees is serious.

I’ve studied countless websites and consulted professional nurserymen. It seems there are several ways to raise burr oak seedlings so I’ve taken what seems to be the wisest thoughts from each of my sources and piled them into a strategy for a dozen baby burrs.

On the left is the 2012 acorn.  On the right, the 2013 acorn.  Doubled in size!!!

On the left is the 2012 acorn. On the right, the 2013 acorn. Doubled in size!!!

This year’s acorns were much larger than last years and there were about double the number of seeds that fell from the tree.  I really thought I might triple the  2012 crop, but from the number of immature acorns that kept falling on the ground, I suspect that the hot summer took its toll on their growth and numbers.

And while the 2012 harvest yielded acorns, none tested positive according to the “Float Test”…good acorns sink to the bottom of a glass of water. Actually, I did have a couple sink last year, but a couple of weeks later, they floated.  This year’s crop tested out 100%!  Time will tell if that test is valid/reliable.

Regardless, the grands and I had fun watching and hunting the acorns.  In fact, they found half of them.  Those kids have eyes like eagles!!

Right now, all of the acorns…I found 2 more since I took the pic for a grand total of 12…are residing in the bottom of one of our fridges, nestled in damp peat moss nursery.

You can see 5 acorns here in the peat moss.  More are hiding underneath.

You can see 5 acorns here in the peat moss. More are hiding underneath.

There they will remain until mid January (the experts HERE say burrs need at least 1000 hours of 32-35 degrees before planting.) when I’ll plop each seed into a cup filled with potting soil and hope that I’ll start seeing some life a month or so later!

Happy little acorns In their not-quite-freezing nest.

Happy little acorns In their not-quite-freezing nest.

I’ll be happy if half of my acorns sprout.

So the waiting game continues.  But, I have high hopes this season!


But…I have a question…once the babies arrive, how do I tell if they’re girls or boys?

Off for more coffee…

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4 Responses to Meemaw’s 2013 Acorn Harvest

  1. grammyjj says:

    bless your heart…


  2. Suzann coffey says:

    Oh my!! I think I know of a great HOME for my friend/classmate, Debbie King Ruff. But in the meantime I’ve been reminiscing acorns also. Last year there were TONS of acorns. This year they are rare. I’ve been trying to decide the reason for that. Last year I thought ” oh, we are going to have a bad winter since there are so many acorns”. And no, we did not. This year—-no acorns and we are already iced in —AND THIS IS TEXAS! Conclusion: i do not know why the scant ness of acorns this year!! Well, so much for acorns, I have the golfing guys here eating and playing card games so better go!! GOOD LUCK DEB


    • The Queen says:

      No rhyme or reason is there? I’m guessing that the tree maturing is one reason mine are bigger and more bountiful. But then, I could be wrong. I just knew you could tell me how to figure out the male/female thing….


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