An Ornament a Day, Take 2

ROTFLOL…just thought of a funny story a relative of mine told me years ago.

She worked at a nice gift shop where really nice Christmas ornaments arrived with fanfare.  It seems that there were shoppers out there who collected specific ornaments and each year raced each other to get the newest and shiniest before the supply ran out.  Eventually, the shop sent out notices that would state the arrival dates for the ornaments.

So the highly anticipated day arrived and the prospective customer raced in and asked breathlessly if, “The Sacred ointment” was still there?!!!!!

My sweet relative racked her brain for an ointment that was considered “sacred” that could be hanging out in the shop. She thought and thought and asked nicely for the customer to repeat her request.

“You know! The Sacred O’Hara ointment!!!!”

(A clue. Sacred=Scarlett AND ointment=ornament!) Ahhh.

Biting her lip (and tongue) and stifling a giggle while desperately trying to keep a straight face, she located the o-r-n-a-m-e-n-t and handed over Sacred to the delighted shopper!

So it kind of became a joke between us. And eventually she gave me a lovely Sacred one year. I love ointments don’t you?


Another classic decoration in my kingdom is one that I made. Yep, by my own two hands. And I’m betting that Fancy Nancy may have one similar??

This one could be of the 1958 vintage?? Or 1959?

Obviously, my mom had purchased yet another Toni perm for me. I am SO glad that the days of perms for little girls are long gone! Never could figure out why my hair NEVER looked like the pics that came with the perm box. Sigh….

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7 Responses to An Ornament a Day, Take 2

  1. Kitty says:

    LOL. Mama always called them ointments, too. Still blushing after all these years.


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    Oh, I do remember those grade school ornaments! Not sure where it is…mother never threw away such things. Maybe one of theses days I will find it! Not sure it would be in that great condition, though!


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  4. Rachael Herring says:

    Ahhhh! I was a tad behind on reading the blogs, so I’m the one who didn’t get it–ointment vs ornament. Cute story, sorry I ever questioned. Merry Christmas.


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