Gallery of Ointments: #4

Since I was one post behind, I’ll get 2 in today and will sleep well tonight!

I hope. Last night was hopeless. The entire night found me chasing around in my dreamworld trying to find a piece of music. Couldn’t find it anywhere. It seemed like I spent the night hunting music and then found what I thought I needed but all of the notes weren’t there. Bummer. It was a really tough piece too. “Jesus Loves Me”. Duh.

I guess I dreamt this because I had been searching through my music for the complete “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. The one I had in hand was just the chorus…meaning…there was not the “good tidings” part. Arghh. I finally headed to the basement to look through my really, really old music, filed away neatly in a file box. And there it was! Whew.

So today was the Big Day…I played around a dozen different songs, did a vocal duet with our pastor’s wife and accompanied the two oldest granddaughters for a 6 handed version of “Away in the Manger”…and accompanied youngest son in “O Holy Night” and may I just say that he did a stellar job!! And yes, I AM being objective!! The kid has a voice!!!!!!

All that to say…I’m just now sitting down to blog. I did get some Texas Trash aka Chex Mix and my millionaire candy made earlier, but that’s all cooling and the football game is pounding me in the face!

So this ornament was made by my aunt…who is a master crocheter/crochet person! This is the one who can look at stuff and crochet it. Which baffles me.

That reminds me…remember the cute little crochet snowman I posted a while back? I have one now sitting in my living room as cute as a bug. I’ll put him up later…

But she did the angel this past spring and gave her to me for my birthday. Actually, she made my mother and my other aunt one too. And I suspect all of her grandkids have angels too.

I love my angel! And when she’s not on the Christmas tree, she hangs around my kitchen on a cabinet pull. She’s good company and pretty to boot!!

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9 Responses to Gallery of Ointments: #4

  1. Dianne says:

    When I have too much to do I dream my cat has kittens. Kittens everywhere. Dozens and dozens of kittens. The mind is a funny thing.


    • The Queen says:

      Well, that is one dream that I’ve never had! I was telling a friend about it at the church lunch today and she asked if I’ve ever dreamt that my teeth are falling out. YESSSSS@!! I thought I was the only one! And for years and years, I had a recurring dream where I was running around backstage of our high school musical trying to find someone who knew what my next lines were. Over and over. Weird.


  2. domino1999 says:

    I’m thinking spell check (or one of those ornery elves on the shelves) invaded your blog title yesterday? *smile*


  3. domino1999 says:

    you’re right & I even looked thinking I might have missed something. . .Monday morning fog here, sorry!


  4. Rachael in Texas says:

    Did you mean ointments or ornaments? Or, did I just miss something?


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