Ointment Number 5


It seems like I spend half my time hunting for something. It’s usually something that Big Boss has lost/misplaced but I’m running him a close second on the lost stuff.

Like the other day, I couldn’t find some gifts that I had bought on my last trip to Texas. I knew what I bought. I knew where I bought it. But where oh where did I hide it???!!!

I looked in all of the logical places…well, they were logical to me. I do the same thing with greeting cards. I’m in the store and I think, “Old so and so’s birthday is coming up and this is a perfect card for them! I’ll be smart and buy it now.”

Only thing is that by the time I need to mail said card, said card has vanished. No where to be found. Until about 3 months later when it is, of course, too late to mail the card.

So there I was looking in closets, crawling under beds (finding lots and lots of dust bunnies BTW!) and I found it@!!

No. Not what I was looking for. But what I had lost 6 months ago and had hunted and hunted for. There it was…the little bonnet Mother had made me for our town’s centennial celebration MANY years ago. And…baby dresses she had smocked and embroidered. And…white fur collars, muffs and hats. Good grief. All THAT was under my bed? Yep. And more.

But what does this have to do with ornaments? During the search, I also found (although it wasn’t technically lost as I knew where it was) one of the bridesmaid dresses from our wedding.
Beautiful blue…are you surprised?…velvet. I chose blue and purple velvet material for the dresses. Mother, naturally, made them. I designed a simple A-line dress with crochet…naturally…lace on the hems with ribbon inserts.

And that brings us to the next ornament…one Mother made from the velvet remnants and the crochet pieces that my grandmother had painstakingly made for 6 bridesmaid’s dresses!!

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5 Responses to Ointment Number 5

  1. Kitty says:

    Love it! I’m going to have to start doing that w/ all those remnants from bride’s maids dresses I alter and give them to the bride. Thanks for the idea!


    • The Queen says:

      You are welcome. Something else she’s done for all of her brides is to make a fancy, padded hanger for their wedding gown. I’ll hunt mine up and post a pic. (Remind me if you don’t see it soon!!)


  2. Suzann coffey says:

    Wow!! Beautiful Deb!


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