Ointment or Ornament for those who don’t get it :) Day 1 Week 2

We’re on our second week of Ornament Mania. Ok maybe not all of you, but I’m there. For sure.

And it’s NOT BLUE! *gasp*

Did I hear someone say, “Thank Goodness!!!!”? You’ll be soooorrryyyy.

So…this is a PINK ornament. Pink I tell you.

I can’t remember ever wearing pink much. There was an angora sweater in Jr. High that was as pink as you could get. And it was fuzzy. I found it at Montgomery Wards. Mother came up with some matching wool and made a skirt to go with. But that’s about it. I was just born to wear blue. I have no other explanation.

I’ve made conscious efforts to willingly pick pink. Or burgundy. Or green. But I always end with blue in my hand.

I walk into a shop and say, “Show me what you’ve got that’s not blue.” I grit my teeth, pull up my big girl panties and say outloud, “I will not get blue. No blue. Not blue. Won’t do it.” And I always, always, buy blue.

I’ve even shopped with a supportive friend who promises to smack me down if I even glance at blue. However…I am a bad person. Blue is my color. I digress.

I think my mom made this ornament around our second Christmas as a married couple. The pink rose in the middle is the significant part.

It decorated the first Christmas gift Big Boss ever gave me. Not kidding. The woman SAVES EVERYTHING!!!! When she gave us the “Kissing Ball”, which is what it is technically, she asked if I recognized it. I couldn’t believe she actually kept it and actually made something with it. WHO KNEW????

Any day now, I expect to find a Christmas ornament featuring my first tooth. O.o Just kidding.

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4 Responses to Ointment or Ornament for those who don’t get it :) Day 1 Week 2

  1. Kitty says:

    So what was your first Christmas gift from BB?


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