Need a Peep Fix?

Here ya go!


I used one pack of Peeps, but you may need more or less depending on the circumference of your vases. I’ve seen Peep snowmen also but the trees were what I was after.

The red candies are the cinnamon red hots?? and cherry something or other. It really doesn’t matter as long as the candy is red.

The white candies are Sixlets. Or any white candy.

And yes, my layering is funky. I was in a hurry as per usual. What can I say?!!

And of course peppermint sticks. If my outside vase had been straight on the sides, I could’ve used the canes. I think the hook part would have fit over the edges. Which would’ve been cool.

Then I headed for our closest Dillons/Krogers because WalMart didn’t have any white roses and that was what I was looking for. Spent about $15 on the flowers and greenery and they’re on Day 3 and still looking really good. But by Christmas Day?? No idea.

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2 Responses to Need a Peep Fix?

  1. radhika25 says:

    That’s the most creative use of candies! By the way my daughter brought me the magnifying lamp yesterday. Thank you so much for telling me about it! Merry Christmas!


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