Antlers for a Rustic Christmas…with a nod to Miz Kitty

Big Boss's elk rack has made its home on top of the hutch for several years...yearound.

Big Boss’s elk rack has made its home on top of the hutch for several years…yearound.

Decorating with antlers is a tradition around here.  No, it’s more than tradition.  It’s a necessity…a convenience. One of the readers/commenters on this blog mentioned the other day that she didn’t realize that decorating with antlers was “IN”!  Heck, I was throwing these things around when it was probably considered weird.  Maybe it still is. Oh. Well.


This is about 10 years worth of “rustic” “stuff” that finally fit together on our big old honker of a table. The tree stump is the one BB cut for me this summer.

So here’s a few things you can do with the antlers lying around house…garage…shop…wood shed.  Antlers are one thing we have NO shortage of around here!


uh oh, I see I have an odd colored bulb. And may need some ribbon somewhere??

 I might mention that years ago, I determined that our hunter’s dining room was to have an antler chandelier.  Until…I saw the price tags.  So, I gathered up antlers, found some leather strapping and proceeded to make my own.  Not as fancy as the pricey ones and not as large either.  But it works for us.  🙂

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8 Responses to Antlers for a Rustic Christmas…with a nod to Miz Kitty

  1. Kitty says:

    And versatile, too. Hang ’em on the chain link fence = home security system. Yep! Tells would-be intruders there’s somebody in the house w/ a gun! Coat rack. Back scratcher. Chewy for the dog. The possibilities are endless. Organic, too!


    • The Queen says:

      Work as curtain rod holders also. Door knobs.


      • Kitty says:

        We could open and “All Things Antlers” business and charge the big bucks (no pun intended) and get rich quick. Shoot (again, no pun intended), A & E might just pick us up and make a weekly feature tv show about two gals what love Jesus, who knocked their heads together (enough w/ the would-be puns already!) and laughed all the way to the bank. Naaaaa, I think that one has already been done.


  2. grammyjj says:

    Don’t you think the reindeer might just take offense at you off’in some of their kin and braggin about it with souvenirs on the wall? You might be gettin some little “surprises” from the reindeer for Christmas! ICMU


  3. Fancy Nancy says:

    Antlers…always IN, never out of style…especially in certain settings, ie farm/ ranch homes. Cabelas and Bass Pro know! I love all yours! Did you see the Christmas tree made of Antlers on Pinterest?


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