Decorating the Christmas Mantel


This year’s theme was a lot like last year’s.  I’m stuck on snow again.  It’s simple. It’s fun.  It’s easy. It’s classic. And I have lots of things to use on it.

Normally, I do a Nativity Tree like the one I finally got to see last year in New York City.  But decided to go with a traditional look this year on our main tree.  So it struck me that I could still do the Nativity theme by just scaling it down some to one of my smaller nativities….the Fontanini set.


Since I have cherubs for each grand, I thought they needed to be on the wreath above the nativity set that I had placed on yet another stump.  Then I added a couple of white trees, some snowy pine garland, a couple of lit churches and some candles.


I keep messing with it.  Tweaking here. Fixing there.  Adding this. Taking away that.  Argghhh!


I said outloud yesterday…Step away from the mantel.  And leave it. Alone.


It’s hard. But I will win this battle!

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