Ornaments of the fabric kind?

Yep.  Have those too.

One of my favs is an apron.  Really?  Absolutely.

Christmas apron

About 10 years ago, my mom made me a Christmas apron.  I loved it!  So it was hung carefully in the guest room closet.

The problem was I always forgot to get it out at Christmas time.  So it hung there and hung there.

In a search for yet another Christmas gift that I had stashed SOMEWHERE and couldn’t remember where I had stashed it, I found my apron.

But where to put it in a place that wouldn’t render it forgotten.  Again.

Nope. Not the kitchen drawers.  And the broom closet was full.

How about the back of a chair?  No, that didn’t look right. And the towel rack on the end of the island was hidden.  You wouldn’t see it at all there.

Finally, I just tied it around the broom closet pull and turned around to stir the soup.


And that was IT!  That was the perfect place for my apron.  It found a home.  If it’s not hanging there soon enough, a grand will ask about it.  They, like me, are detail people

I have created 11 monsters!!

The moral of the story is…check out the closets for possible Christmas decorations.  See what the garage may offer.  Inspect Grandma’s cedar chest….BB’s mom had a huge stash of Christmas tablecloths.

Heck, I’ve even used my 8″ Madam Alexander dolls as ornaments!  Small tree + little dolls=perfection!  Using old stuff in new ways…my motto!

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4 Responses to Ornaments of the fabric kind?

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Such a sweet apron! All of your ointment posts have reminded me of how truly creative your momma was and is! I, too, have used unexpected things to decorate trees and Christmas decor. A little red knitted purse I had as a child hangs on a chair, a set of ceramic elves (or whatever they are!) that my MIL made years ago have been in many spots, but found their finally location on top of the kitchen cabinet, and it goes on and on. Our memory tree is topped by the doves, sprayed gold due to yellowing, on our wedding cake. Did you see Sandra Lee’s house on the Today show? She uses charming houses on top of all her trees. Just cuts a hole in the bottom and sticks them on!


    • The Queen says:

      I love little paper houses. In fact, the grands and I made some one year….I’m still finding glitter as a result!!! Not used them on the tree tho…good idea!! I don’t remember the red purse…


  2. Kitty says:

    Beautiful! I made a new Christmas apron (or pinny, as my UK friend calls it) for myself last week, but when I walked next door to find Baby Girl in her kitchen without the proper baking-Christmas-goodies attire, I popped back to the house to retrieve it as quickly as possible . It looks better on her anyway. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=706377346047665&l=97d9f68380


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