Up on the Rooftop!

Not that I’ve run out of ointments…but I do have to save something for next year!!?

This little guy is one of my favorites…have I said that before?  He truly is tho.  I mean just look at that face!  And get a load of the curls…almost curls…in his beard.

Patchwork SantaBeards are in you know!  I think, personally, that it has something to do with some dwarves in a movie.  Never have I seen so many different, hairy, long beards in all my life.  Well, unless you count the Duck guys, but that’s a whole other subject.

No.  Everytime I glance Santy’s way, I see one dwarf.  Thorin.  Yep.  Dead ringer for Thorin don’t you think?

Look at that nose.  Red. Round.  OK, Thorin doesn’t have a red, round nose.  But his is prominent.

And there are the eyes.  Kind of glisteny. Not blue but we can pretend on that part.



Have I overdosed on something non-alcholic?  Maybe.  I’ve been watching a lot of old movies lately.  And wrapping a lot of gifts.  And cooking a lot of …food.

The nice thing is…Santa resides at my house.  In fact, my mom made him years ago.  Old quilts=pillows, Santas, ornaments, belts, vests…the sky’s the limit! This Santa has presided over many Christmas trees, a hearth, potted poinsettas…and has entertained many a kid!

So I’ll end my Ointment Frenzy today with Santa.  May he visit you early and often!!

Merry Christmas.

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