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Taking Care of Business

Last year a blogging buddy posted an article, “Excuse Me, Your Bias is Showing: Dissecting an Animal Rights Video”  that “depicts” animal abuse on a dairy/farm. It’s a text-book how-to production zeroing in on how vids can be manipulated, tweaked … Continue reading

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Food for the Soul and also sore shoulders

Big Boss had a cleanup job on his shoulder yesterday. The darned thing just kept hurting, so after MRIs, X-rays, tests of all kinds, Doc thought they’d best do an inside job to see what exactly was going on. We … Continue reading

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In Honor of The King…Elvis, Clark, Thorin or

    ME!!  I’m the Queen after all?!! While wandering through the hidden paths of Pinterest last week, I discovered a pound cake…one that some say is the absolute BEST pound cake…one that some say was Elvis’ preferred cake…one that … Continue reading

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When “O Brother” meets Tolkien

Have I ever mentioned how much I love O Brother, Where Art Thou? I didn’t see it in the theater but caught it on a movie channel late one night around 2003ish. I spent most of the time with a … Continue reading

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Quick Meals for Fast Times.

We got home late from church last Sunday. Everyone was in a chatty mood! By the time BB and I got home, a nap was all I was thinking about.  But… Lunch. What to do about lunch? So there I … Continue reading

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The Last Drop-a Coffee Saga

Ever have one of those days mornings when coffee is really important? As in absolutely necessary/imperative. When your aging body is reluctant to meet the sunshine? A day when you’re sure that snuggling up under those blankies is almost intoxicating. … Continue reading

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Frozen cake how to

So…you want to make a Frozen cake? But you’re wondering if a decorated cake is way beyond your reach. Could an ordinary housewife accomplish such a thing? And yes you can slap me for using the term “ordinary housewife”. We … Continue reading

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Not a frozen cake…a Frozen cake!

Update: a followup post for the Frozen cake How To is HERE. As you know, I’ve been in the process of creating ice and snow in my kitchen…as seen HERE and HERE. The big day was yesterday and the birthday … Continue reading

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In a Frozen state of mind

I have nearly all the Christmas stuff put up.  Not entirely true…I have a nekkid tree in the living room and another in the dining room.  The mantle is still showing off snowy trees and icicled churches.  But I’m getting … Continue reading

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Deep in the Heart of…

Note: all Frozen images are courtesy of Yahoo Images. I’m not sure why a tardy review on Frozen occurred to me…other than everything is FROZEN here and pretty much frozen everywhere else.  Frozen solid. Even in Texas! When my mom and I … Continue reading

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