Deep in the Heart of…


Note: all Frozen images are courtesy of Yahoo Images.

I’m not sure why a tardy review on Frozen occurred to me…other than everything is FROZEN here and pretty much frozen everywhere else.  Frozen solid.

Even in Texas!

When my mom and I pulled into her driveway yesterday afternoon, the temps were only slightly warmer than those in KS. So much for the theory of “going south for the winter”!

But, again, I was reminded of Frozen, the newest offering from Disney.  I took my oldest 4 granddaughters to see it during the Thanksgiving weekend.


During the chaos of Christmas shopping, cooking and decorating, I completely forgot to post my thoughts on this newest movie! And of course, you dying to know what my take is. Right?

I LOVED the movie!!  It had beautiful, amazing, outstanding, magnificent scenery/artwork, interesting characters and a compelling story…NOT just the usual Disney princess movie ending with the princess dancing in the arms of the handsome hero, happily everaftering.

Oh there was a little romance in this one, but the real story was one of two sisters who got along, for the most part, and were separated thanks to a horrible curse.  One of the sisters sets off to rescue the cursed sister and the rest is…well, not history, but fiction?! Fiction based on the famous Hans Christian Anderson story, The Snow Queen.


Sven, the sleigh reindeer was a scream and Olaf, the resident snowman, was hysterical!  Watching a snowman’s two front teeth bounce around in his head…as he chased his head was a little weird but funny.  I’m seeing Olaf all over the internet in the form of cupcakes, candy, popcorn ball, cakes…he’s a new trend.


And I’m taking notes.  Yep, the next granddaughter has decided on a Frozen theme cake.  She hasn’t specified  which characters she wants, castle or no castle…just Frozen, Meemaw. Please!image

So, the sketch book is open, my colored pencils sharpened and my brain in hyperdrive with visions of candy icicles, buttercream snowdrifts, hard candy ice lakes, gumpaste snowflakes, fondant snowmen…the possibilities are staggering!


While Frozen is about two sisters, it offers some attractions for the boys too.  It’s not a total “princess” movie but I’m not sure my 12 year old grandsons could sit through it without lots and lots of popcorn and candy.  And at today’s movie theater concession prices…it ain’t happening!

But for now…sketches to sketch, colors to blend, visions to create!

PS Big Boss will on his own in the process of all this creatin’!!!

PSS One of the daughter-in-laws texted last night and is enthralled with Frozen too!  Yes.  It’s THAT good!!!!

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9 Responses to Deep in the Heart of…

  1. Stephanie Carr says:

    Dying to see this!!!!!! thanks for the great review!


  2. The Queen says:

    Will be waiting for your take on it!


  3. RAFrenzy says:

    We’re going to freeze to death in this global warming.


  4. Melinda Strickland says:

    We saw it with the twin grandgirls (3.5) and their laughter entertained almost as much as the movie! Son and grandson (7.5) saw it later and also loved it! My favorite is Olaf the snowman who loved warmth!


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