In a Frozen state of mind

I have nearly all the Christmas stuff put up.  Not entirely true…I have a nekkid tree in the living room and another in the dining room.  The mantle is still showing off snowy trees and icicled churches.  But I’m getting there.  Every year, I think that I’ll thin out the decorations…sort through the tinsel and ribbons, give away some stuff.  And I do.  For the most part.

But right now, cakes are the issue of the day/days.  Altho I did manage to vacuum up a ton of crud and wash towels today.  And play with Madi.  Oh, and my luggage is unpacked but still sitting in the middle of the bedroom!  I think I should be commended on this accomplishment as it usually takes me a week.

Since Wednesday, I have completed all of the above tasks. Plus, baked 4 cakes, a pan of cupcakes, made royal icing, buttercream icing, made 2 batches of hard sugar candy (a first!)

blue "ice" candy

blue “ice” candy

and created 5 snow trees,


and kazillions of snowflakes and a few castle turrets.

All this while the rest of the Northern hemisphere shivvers. And is…Frozen!

What? I’m ready for Hawaii!!!image

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8 Responses to In a Frozen state of mind

  1. prue batten says:

    You poor old thing! Meanwhile, here its summer, the sky’s blue and I shall be swimming today. But what’s more – I take our Christmas decorations down the day after Christmas Day. It’s a traditional way for our household to mark the beginning of the summer holiday and the sight of trees and decorations has no part in that. It’s more beachtowels, boat stuff and swimwear! Stay warm!


  2. The Queen says:

    Just feeling plain old mean today are we?!! 🙂 It did warm up a bit today. Took a walk in the sunshine even. But man did the temps fall when the sun went down.


  3. Our original plan was to put away our Christmas tree last weekend, but since that involves opening up the exterior hatch to the cellar, and the temperatures plunged into the negative digits, we decided we would celebrate a little longer.


    • The Queen says:

      Totally get that! Actually, we don’t do our family tree till the 27th, then I take my mom back to TX and by that time it’s the middle of the 1st week of Jan. What’s another couple of days/weeks/months?


  4. Fancy Nancy says:

    All of mine is still up and may be through Jan! Ha! Looking forward to seeing that cake!


  5. shelia skinner says:

    I’m so in love with this cake! My granddaughter’s birthday is in 2 weeks and I wanted to find out the size and brand of snowflake press that you used because they are perfect! And maybe the sizes of the glass tubes used. I’m from Texas. You are very kind to share this idea! Thanks so much.


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