The Last Drop-a Coffee Saga

My cool Williams-Sonoma teapot pouring coffee for me into my wedding china teacup.  Life is good.

My cool Williams-Sonoma teapot pouring coffee for me into my wedding china teacup. Life is good.

Ever have one of those days mornings when coffee is really important? As in absolutely necessary/imperative. When your aging body is reluctant to meet the sunshine? A day when you’re sure that snuggling up under those blankies is almost intoxicating.

Yep, that would be me. I’m in slowwwww mooootion and I don’t have time for slomo.

So, coffee is paramount to my existence today. A full pot…well it was full.


  I can smell it from here!

Wasn’t there a commercial on TV years ago…”Good to the last drop!”?

HEY! That’s the brand I buy! Actually, it’s what I buy for half of my coffee-making adventures.

I’m a bit of a coffee snob…with a healthy slice of cheap skate. In other words, I mix my coffees. I buy my favorite coffee…Berre’s Brothers decaf Highlander Grogg  beans so Big Boss can drink it with me at night. And when I’ve run out of Grogg, I head to the supermarket for Millstone Hazelnut Decaf…beans are things of the past.

So that’s the first half.  Second half is plain old regular Maxwell House but decaf at night.  Got it?  For 10 cups in the morning its half decaf and half regular with one of them  being Hazelnut or Grogg. At night, it’s half MH decaf and half Hazelnut or Grogg decaf.  This is a science.  Not for the weak of mind. Do not get me started on the importance of the water in the coffee-making process….

My teensy one cup teapot pouring me a cup of half Hazelnut decaf and half Maxwell House regular...into a Wedgewood "Romantic England" teacup. No, I don't drink hot tea or cold, for that matter.  But I adore teapots!!!

My teensy one cup teapot pouring me a cup of half Hazelnut decaf and half Maxwell House regular…into a
Wedgewood “Romantic England” teacup. No, I don’t drink hot tea or cold, for that matter. But I adore teapots!!!

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find Hazelnut Decaf nowadays? What has happened to the coffee aisles? Is it just me or have the Grocery Moguls reduced the coffee inventory by half this past year?

Used to be, I could walk into our local Dillon’s and decide between a full size sack, a sample sack or how ever many pounds I wanted of Millstone Hazelnut. In regular or decaf. In beans or already ground. I am serious. Even in a town of 30,000 (?), we had CHOICES!!!


See it? That’s the Last Drop of Coffee for the Day. My Cuisinart Filter Brew pouring java into a 2 cupper from WalMart’s Anchor Hocking collection.

On my last trip down the coffee aisle, I found ONE sack of Millstone Hazelnut. Not only that, but it was decaf. Praise be! It’s possible that I purchased THE LAST sack that will make its presence known in that town?

What I should’ve done was smuggle coffee back from Dallas a week ago. What the heck was I thinking?

Personally, I think it’s a conspiracy. “Someone” doesn’t want us to have our coffee. This, people, could possibly be the next big issue politically! Keep us drowsy, stupefied, stumbling through our days with NO CAFFEINE. That way all of those mind-boggling regulations they’re shoving down our throats are filed away under “I Can’t Think Therefore I am” or “You Tawkin To Me?” or the always popular, “It is What is IS!!!!”

In our caffeine deprived state of collective minds, anything goes.

Well, not here. Not under my watch!! I will protest I tell you.

Right after I finish my coffee. To the very…



of Coffee!



PS Big Boss just called with orders for the day.  It’s going to be a  Two Pot Day.

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12 Responses to The Last Drop-a Coffee Saga

  1. grammyjj says:

    Girlfriend, you need to break that nasty coffee habit (says the person with NO bad habits)!!! 🙂


  2. Kitty says:

    Next the Jesus and Jimmy, coffee is my best friend. Ahhhhhhhhhh


  3. Dianne says:

    You can order Millstone Hazelnut Decaf from Amazon, but it’s not cheap.


  4. Pete says:

    Coffeeeeee…….without which the know world inside my brain would not be able to function. I am also down here in Texas but soon to be home in Alaska I know what you mean about store shelves lacking not only coffee but also tea. I feel sorry for the first bear I encounter when I wake up one morning and find I am out of either one of them. Besides a quarter of my postings begin with something about coffee and brain activity. Loved the posting!!


  5. Go to and search for the coffee you want. They have several including the Millstone Hazelnut. Happy hunting. 😀
    By the way…I don’t do tea either! It is coffee all the way for me and make it strong, please.


    • The Queen says:

      I never got the Ice Tea thing…my family swears I must be adopted. Just doesn’t rock my boat. And I detest…DETEST I tell you, weak coffee too! There. I feel better.


  6. Austin Ruff says:

    Looks yummy!! Gonna half to try sometime!!:-)


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