Quick Meals for Fast Times.


We got home late from church last Sunday. Everyone was in a chatty mood!

By the time BB and I got home, a nap was all I was thinking about.  But…


What to do about lunch?

So there I stood, front and center of the fridge…carefuly opening the door to figure out what I might use that lurked inside.  Fresh carrots, a half an onion…the freezer revealed peas, 1/4 sack green beans, half a sack of corn. No hidden treasures of frozen burritos or tamales or fajitas.  Rats.  Back to the fridge.

Lo and behold, as I moved the milk jug aside, there was the crown jewel!  Nothing exotic. Or instant. Or new.  Just plain old chopped up roast that I had cooked before Christmas then stuck in the freezer for future use.  I had taken it out of the freezer a couple of days earlier from  with the intentions  of making soup then put it straight into fridge and forgot it/ate on the run/skipped lunch…

Until Sunday, when I had a semi-brilliant inspiration….SOUP!!!!

Yeah, I told you it wasn’t new or exotic or instant…but nearly instant.

Beef Vegetable soup is hardly a new invention. But you can make it darn near instant and pack all sorts of good-for-you stuff into it, depending on how you define “good-for-you” or what your personal tastes might be.  And, of course, IF you’ve planned ahead a bit.

How?  The next time you’re in the supermarket and roasts are on sale, grab a couple. Or four.  Slap them into a roaster with a little water, some salt and pepper and stick them in the oven for a few hours…low and slow.

Once the roasts are tender but not falling apart, cool it down so the cutting is easier and chop the meat up.  Package it in quart freezer bags and you are now ready for anything.  Anything, I tell you!!!! To make it even better, it’s WAY cheaper than all of that processed deli meat!!!  Seriously.




Beef Hash


And the list goes on and on!

I learned a long time ago…after we moved to the Great American Desert and I was trying to feed 4 men and needed to have food ready in the blink of an eye…to think ahead.

That might amaze some folks who know me cause they are pretty sure I live by the seat of my pants.

To take it a step further, if your veggies are on the verge of sprouting weird stuff, wash, chop, package and freeze. Better yet, during your garden’s peak when you’re worn out from all of the picking, hoeing, processing…wash, chop, package and freeze!  That means the corn is in there with the green beans, celery, onions…etc.! You are now…Soup-Ready!Bowlasoup

And thus, the instant meal.  Once I started cooking and freezing roasts, I had the menu decisions and grocery lists whittled down. I had it made. Most of the time.

I can’t tell you how great it is to be able to put a hearty, hot, nutrition-packed meal on the table in around 30 minutes…altho I prefer a bit longer simmering time to let all the flavors blend.

So consider this madness to help get you through the chaotic days when the entire household is on the run and you don’t have an extra hour to put something together….when you can’t face another Big Mac on the run…when your bunch is half-frozen from working cattle or shoveling snow or playing a tough game of Uno.

You are in control.  You don’t bat any eyelash.  YOU rule!!!

Just open up a can of V8 or tomato juice, dump in the roast and add the veggies. Also a little chili powder and a few cubes of beef bouillon.

Two huge peach cobblers are up next for an employee dinner.  Off to hunt up peaches!

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4 Responses to Quick Meals for Fast Times.

  1. Kitty says:

    Veggie soup is always in the making in my freezer. If we have leftovers, that is. Leftover anything. I keep those big plastic peanut butter jars on hand to freeze leftover meat (spaghetti sauce, chile, venison roast…) and veggies. When I get ready to make soup, I just open a quart of those tomatoes I canned last summer and add to whatever is in the peanut butter jar. Sometimes I have to scrounge around for some other goodies but I can usually round it out w/ pasta or a cubed potato. And I can never seem to make a little pot of soup. I’ll start out w/ my 2-quart then have to pour it over into the dutch oven and most of the time borrow Baby Girl’s dutch over, too. All the fam love it when I make soup. Yummeh!!!


    • The Queen says:

      I finally learned a long time ago to just start the soup in the Dutch oven and be done with it!

      I’ve had a Scarlett/Turnip moment…had everything but the carrots. It was a horribly cold day but I bundled up and ran to the garden thinking I might have missed pulling up a carrot. Sure nuff…I found 4. They were small but they worked. Gotta have carrots in soup!


  2. Austin Ruff says:

    Looks yummy! Kinda like Cowboy Stew!!


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