Food for the Soul and also sore shoulders


Big Boss had a cleanup job on his shoulder yesterday. The darned thing just kept hurting, so after MRIs, X-rays, tests of all kinds, Doc thought they’d best do an inside job to see what exactly was going on.

We headed to The Big City Tuesday, planning to get a good night’s sleep then head to the surgicenter the next morning.

In preparation for the surgery, Big Boss (and I) partook of his Last Supper at the Longhorn Steakhouse, not to be confused by our other favorites, The Texas Roadhouse and the Lone Star Steakhouse. Are you seeing a theme here?!!! 🙂

The Texas Tonion was of epiphanous proportions. Their onion “blossom” was not blooming. Instead, it had been plucked so to speak. Each petal had its own delicious crispy coating and was not only simple to eat, but also was NOT floating in grease!! Which meant the whole durned thing disappeared in nothing flat.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo images.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo images.

The chef prepared the steak perfectly and BB declared it was one of the best he’d ever eaten.

My order of Parmesean Chicken was sinfully rich and smooth and the side salad of strawberries, greens and pecans topped with a poppyseed dressing was large enough to feed me and most of the grandkids!

Yep, we ate well that night and it was a good thing because we had fasted all day Tuesday as Wednesday was going to be slim pickin’s!

But our sparse vittles were followed Thursday morning by a visit to my favorite…Cracker Barrel! (Thank goodness they came to their senses on the Robertson thing or we wouldn’t have even considered my go-to restaurant! 🙂 ) The pecan pancakes were heavenly. The biscuits were hot and fluffy. The turkey sausage was spicy and hearty. Ahhhh! We left stuffed and warmed by the ever-present roaring fireplace that sets Cracker Barrel above EVERYONE. Seriously. Almost like eating breakfast in my living room…

Anyways…I got BB home with ice pack thing intact, pain pills safely tucked away, pillows fluffed, remote control located, the BB iPad charged and ready for action…with BB’s only request being…”how about some of your green beans?”

I’m sure most of you are going, “HUH?” “Green beans?” to which I would shrug my two healthy shoulders and say, “Makes sense to me.” We could eat these beans 24/7. Good meal all by their lonesome. Or a great side dish. Which is what they’re supposed to be anyway, right?

They are too simple and too good.


Fried Green Beans

(Don’t let the “fried” part scare you off!)

1 lb. frozen green beans (fresh if you’re fortunate)
2-4 Tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon coarse sea salt
1 teaspoon dried minced garlic..or fresh

In a 12″ skillet over med-high temp, heat the olive oil until a test green bean sizzles.
Add the garlic and salt. Then add the frozen green beans.


Put the lid on, reduce the heat to medium and let cook for a couple of minutes. Stir and cover. Wait a minute or 2. Stir and cover. Repeat until you see the beans begin to brown. Continue to stir and cover.


At around 10 minutes into the cooking process, make sure the garlic isn’t burning and stir fry w/o the lid a little longer. Test a bean to see if you can prick it with a fork easily.


You may be of the “Crispy Crunchy Bean” preference..if so, just take them off the heat sooner.

That last step of stir-frying caramelizes the beans making them sweeter…they’ll be barely brown at this point. I also sprinkle a little more salt on them, give them another stir and dump them into our plates. Forget a serving bowl. He eats 2/3 and I get the remaining 1/3…more than enough. I like to eat my green beans first being certain that if I fill up on green beans, I won’t eat as much of “The Other Stuff”. Most of the time it works. Most of the time we just eat green beans and whatever else we can find. Yep, we’re elderly.

But man, do we love our green beans!! 😀

* Sources for frozen green beans so far have been Schwann’s and Walmart. Both excellent! Walmart’s are sold in a large bag as “young”, if I remember right. Schwann’s come in a package of 3-12oz bags.

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6 Responses to Food for the Soul and also sore shoulders

  1. grammyjj says:

    Wait a minute…you ordered CHICKEN at a STEAKhouse? What is wrong with you Woman??? Bless Ronnie’s heart, he is a patient man! (she says as she ducks all the way in TX 🙂 )


    • The Queen says:

      I order chicken every chance I get..except when I order salmon! We have a bountiful supply of beef thank you very much. And nobody can cook up a steak like BB or his sons… 🙂 Thus the Chicken and Dumplings at CB. Wooo hoo!


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    My kind of fried! You might consider calling them stir fried to attact your weight concerned following! I do almost all of my veggies this way…Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, and even carrots sliced thin and we love them! The firmer ones I don’t stir, but turn them. 🙂


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