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A Step Closer to Weird Revisited

Colt, the yellow Lab, doing what he did best! Yes, he was supposed to have that dead pheasant in his mouth. Good dog! I read a blog piece this morning about a dog who eats corn. Some would say that’s … Continue reading

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Flaycakes aka Pancakes from Bobby Flay

  I caught this recipe on TV last Saturday morning…Saturdays are MY day to spend at Food Network even tho I still think they did Paula wrong. That being said, Bobby was on making his Silver Dollar Pancakes with all … Continue reading

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Of Boots and Bovine Manure aka There and Back Again

Bracing myself as Big Boss hasn’t hit the back door yet! It’s poop hauling time around here and that means when he does hit the back door, he will smell bad. Really bad. Of skunk proportions! He takes his boots … Continue reading

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Pound Cake Euphoria

  Many years ago,  this cake was delivered to our home by a sweet, sweet friend after the birth of our second baby boy.  It was still warm and I can’t tell you how welcome that cake was…not to mention … Continue reading

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Jam…it’s what goes on biscuits

I looked at my To Do list this morning as my eyes landed on the Kansas wind blowing white, wet snow all over the landscape in a suspicious blizzard-like fashion and decided first to get marked off for the day … Continue reading

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Simple Wonders in the Country

Maybe not a “Wonder of the World”, but I had never seen these stone posts, aka post rock, until I moved to Kansas.  And I hadn’t really looked close. When I noticed these, I was fascinated! Years ago we were headed west … Continue reading

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Attention all Cookie Monsters

“MOM!  You HAVE to get Karen’s cookie recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yes, the above statement/exclamation created an emergency situation in the household, some 20 years ago.  I went into full-fledged crisis mode within milli-seconds. Where?   On a church skiing trip. Who?  KAREN!!!!! … Continue reading

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Music to sooth the savage soul

Just kidding. Your soul isn’t savage. I hope. But in case you need soothing, I have just the thing for you. I’ve written about Cynthia before HERE. I couldn’t resist this song. It’s not a new recording and it’s not … Continue reading

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Crispy, Crunchy Sugar Cookies

Soft cookies rule here.  Always have.  Although the concept was a new one for me when I met Big Boss.  His mom made soft cookies.  Always.  And they were good! My mom made crispy cookies.  I thought that was the … Continue reading

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John and Margaret…Big Boss and the Queen

In honor of Valentines Day and because Big Boss loves the movie SO MUCH…also because he adores British movies…I’m watching Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South. ( I watch now so I don’t have to hear the quotes from Out of Africa.) Yes. Glued … Continue reading

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