A short note from Winter Wonderland

The view from my front porch

This is a bit of a rerun from 2011…with a few changes/updates.  It explains a little of what goes on here with all that lovely snow decorating the prairie!!!

Last night Big Boss read a post somewhere in cyberpace where the author stated how eager he was to see snow.  Well, mister, we’ve got it!!  Not as much as we were told we’d have, but enough.  Big Boss would like to punch the guy who anticipated the white stuff with glee.  He and #2 Son and #3 Son have been out in the lovely stuff all day now..since around 5am.  Oh, it’s pretty but then I get to sit inside all day, making my candy, cleaning little toys, answering the phone.  They are out in it cleaning out bunks so the cattle can eat (they will NOT eat out bunks littered with yesterday’s leftover feed), putting out hay so the new calves (they will recline on the hay and be insulated from the cold ground)hopefully don’t get sick from wet cold fluffy precipitation and clearing roads so everyone can get to the feedyard to help feed and doctor cattle and then back home.

There was about 6″ of snow in all but the wind blew all night and here on the plains, when the wind blows and there’s snow on the ground or coming down, you get drifts.  Huge drifts!  Drifts up to the bottom of my window.  I’ve heard tales about the snow coming so hard, so fast, so much and the wind blowing that houses were literally covered up.  I haven’t seen that yet but close.

In 1978, my first winter here on the farm, we had the worst winter on record.  Ever.  Of course.  Wouldn’t you know, that winter I was living in a 14×70 mobile home that sat smack dab in the middle of an open pasture.  And had a 5yr old and a 2 yr old.  With snow drifting through the windows and doors.  I’m serious.  Big Boss finally got some heavy-duty plastic and taped up the entire north side of our house inside and out.  The snow still got through.

We dug our way out of the house to the car, where Big Boss and his dad then cleared the road with the tractor all the way to town so we could go to church.  Those were the good old days.  And it stayed thus until the next April..it all started in October that year.  I nearly kissed the green grass as it came up that Spring! And then had a huge bluebonnet attack…

Middle son in Brownwood, 1979.

Middle son in Brownwood, 1979.

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1 Response to A short note from Winter Wonderland

  1. Melinda Strickland says:

    We’ve had the coldest winter in a long while down here. Grandson in Springtown has missed 7 or 8 days because of snow/ice. Schools around Austin cancelled or delayed last night expecting ice this morning–NOTHING on the ground! At least we can stay in when it does happen, unlike BIg Boss and the guys. Stay warm up there! By the way, that’s the little guy I remember in the picture!


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