Winter is official when….

imageThe first thing you do in the morning is check the wood box to see if there’s enough wood to start a fire in the fireplace.

Front door visitors are not selling anything or here to visit but…needing help to get their vehicle unstuck on Pike’s Peak. Again.

You keep packets of hot chocolate by the front door for frozen guests.

You’re actually excited to go to Walmart…on a Saturday…before a storm. The possibility of a blizzard runs thru the store like electricity and you think to yourself, “Who needs New York City for a buzz? You haven’t lived until you’ve been at Walmart pre-storm on the weekend.” That’s a lie. Just shoot me. Unless all of the checkouts are open. Then we can negotiate.

You count 5 pairs of shoes by the garage front door AND 3 inside the back door. And none of them belong to you.

You start the pickup 30 minutes before you’re leaving…so the seat aren’t so cold and oh yeah…it’s easier on the engine.

You’re thankful for 4 wheel drive…who knew having that feature would be so important? (She says after sliding into other vehicles on a hill TWICE!!

There are, in your backseat…flashlights, extra batteries, blankets, granola bars, water, matches, cans of emergency tire repair stuff, toilet paper, duct tape, baling wire and crayons…you know, so if you’re stranded you can color something to pass the time.

Decaf coffee is an everynight menu option!

Jackets hang on every available chair.

Big Boss smells awful when he comes in cause it’s “Poop Haulin’ ” time. Again.

Mousetraps decorate all likely spots. ugh!

Dead/dormant buffalo grass is bright green! Yep, fall spraying is done!

Pantry has been inventoried and re-stocked, just in case stuff.

The tiny heater decorates the bathroom again.

You’re thankful for the remote truck startup button.

You wish with all your heart that the new truck had those fancy fanny warmers in the leather seats. Why o why did we not get those???!!!!!

Big Boss comes home from the farm at dark and it’s only 6.

And last but not least, you KNOW it’s official when you put the warm, cuddly flannel sheets on the bed. Holy smokes, those 600 count cotton sheets are COLD!

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2 Responses to Winter is official when….

  1. chmjr2 says:

    I could understand very well what you were saying. Having lived in or around the Adirondack Mtns for all my life. Yes they are in N.Y. and is the largest park in the U.S. It is the size of Vermont and you could fit Yosemite, Great Smoky Mtn. Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon National parks in it and still have room left over. Something most people do not know.


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