Quick Valentine gift needed?



While working on a quick Valentine cake, for some reason…yes, my mind works in strange ways…I looked at the paper punch my 4 year old grands were playing with the other day and thought, “Wonder what I can do with that besides punch hearts out of gumpaste?”

I happened to have a little sack of quarters on  the counter…I save them for car washes…and thought, “Hearts filled with quarters!!”

So I grabbed some scratch paper, punched out a heart, cut 2 slits in the heart and inserted a quarter.  Cool.

I made a fast trip down to the basement and scrounged around in my scrapbooking supplies and surfaced with some red, glittery paper that I had squirreled away years ago. (Personally, I was amazed I could find it!)  Soon after, 11 hearts were punched out.  My exacto knife made the clean cuts to hold the coin and in went the quarter.  The whole process took about 10 minutes, including the hunt for paper.

Now to take it step further, insert old quarters that they have to save.  You do know to save old quarters, don’t you?  That would be the 1892-1930 and 1932-1964 quarters.  For more info, go HERE.  Get out that “junk change” mason jar that Grandpa gave you when you were a kid and check the coins out!  Right now, the melt down value is $3.68.

Am I cheapskate?  Some would say “yes”. But when the grands get coins from us, they know to save them, eve if the only get a quarter.  I wrote”DSM” (which translates to “Don’t Spend Me”) on each heart.

Slip the hearts into a card for Valentine’s Day for a quick gift that also teaches the kids to save and maybe learn more about coins!


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2 Responses to Quick Valentine gift needed?

  1. Carol D says:

    How creative! Love the way your mind works, Debbie!


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