Downton Abbey Guilt


I MISS HIM!! Yahoo images


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I’m thrilled with the new season! I could hardly contain myself that first night in January when I clicked in the PBS channel number. I had already scheduled the recorder days before. I was taking NO chances.

The dishes were washed. The laundry was folded. Bills were paid. Unfortunately Christmas decorations were still haunting the halls but hey…IT WAS DOWNTON time!!!

Downton Abbey Pig Farm

Photo Yahoo images

The anticipation was thick as I poured some decaf Hazelnut coffee in my favorite mug. Comfy jammies and nice warmth from fireplace lured me into the living room.

I. Was. Ready.

Until…Big Boss wandered in with, “Hey what channel is the ballgame on?” Like I would know. I didn’t even know there WAS a game. Yeah I knew it was Sunday but wasn’t it about time for football to be over? After all, if Downton Abbey was premiering its new season, sports was over. Right?

So like a good wife I asked, “You want me to check?”

“Yeah. I never know how to work that goofy remote.” *insert crickets*

After flipping thru the guide, the game appears as if by magic. Wow.

BB looks at me…jammie clad, coffee in hand, eyes sparkling with excitement…and says, “Oh. Were you watching something?”

I promise I tried NOT to roll my eyes but I’m pretty sure I did.

“It’s Downton Abbey night.”…simple but to the point. Sometimes that doesn’t work with BB tho.

“Ahhh…I had a fahhhm in Ahhhfreecuh.” That’s his standard reaction to anything British. And a reference to “Out of Africa”.

Once again, an attempt to not roll eyes fails miserably.

And once again, an attempt to explain that Downton has absolutely nothing to do with Africa, lions, coffee farms or Merle fails. Miserably.

“So you want to watch that thing?” *sigh*

Knowing I am beat, I say, “I’ll just go downstairs.”

“No no! I want to sit here with you.”

Knowing I am beat, I counter, “But you want to watch football, so I’ll go to the basement to watch DA and you can watch football.”

“No, we can just switch during commercials to see what the score is.”

“There are no commercials on PBS. Remember?”


Now the choices come down to:

Watch DA upstairs and miss the game. And feel guilty.
Go downstairs to watch DA while BB watches the game upstairs. And feel guilty.
Or…watch the game with BB and view DA the next morning. In peace. And feel guilty. Because I should be vacuuming, washing, dusting instead of watching DA.

OR…I’ll just do ab crunches and stuff while I watch. Totally guilt-free!

The good news is…FOOTBALL IS OVER!!!!

The bad news is…basketball is hot on football’s heels.


Photo courtesy Yahoo images

I know I am beat. Again.

Please pass the popcorn.

PS Whoever came up with DVR needs a medal and has my profuse gratitude.

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2 Responses to Downton Abbey Guilt

  1. Penny M. says:

    I miss him too. Just isn’t the same without him.


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